Vegan Options At Burgerville (2022) | 13+ Options

If you’re vegan, Burgerville is the place to be! With a wide variety of vegan-friendly options, Burgerville has got you covered. From burgers to fries to salads, they have something for everyone. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at all of the vegan-friendly items on their menu. So whether you’re in the mood for a burger or some fries, Burgerville has got you covered!

Burgerville is an American fast food restaurant chain with locations in Oregon and Southwest Washington. It is a subsidiary of the Canadian-based fast food company, Tim Hortons. As of September 2016, Burgerville had 41 locations.

Burgerville was founded in 1961 by George Propstra and his wife, Lucille. The couple purchased a small drive-in restaurant on Southeast McLoughlin Boulevard in Milwaukie, Oregon. The original Burgerville featured carhop service and menu items such as burgers, milkshakes, fries, and onion rings.

The company’s growth was modest in its early years, with only four locations by 1965. In the 1970s, Burgerville underwent a period of expansion, opening new restaurants in Oregon and Washington. The 1980s saw further growth for the chain, as it expanded into California and Idaho.

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Burgerville’s menu has evolved over the years to include seasonal items, as well as regionally sourced ingredients. The company is also known for its use of sustainable practices, such as using wind power to offset energy usage at its restaurants.

Vegan Options At Burgerville

Burgerville now has vegan-friendly options for those who want to enjoy a delicious meal without any animal products. The Beyond Burger, made with plant-based ingredients, is available at all Burgerville locations and can be customized with your favorite toppings. You can also order the Veggie Grillers, a vegan version of their popular burgers, at any Burgerville location.

These vegan options are perfect for anyone looking for a quick and tasty meal. So, next time you’re at Burgerville, be sure to try one of their delicious vegan meals.

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Vegan Menu Options at Burgerville:

Burgerville is one of the most popular burger joints in the Pacific Northwest and they’re known for their fresh, made-to-order burgers and shakes. But did you know that they also have some great vegan options on their menu? Here’s a look at what you can find:

  • Classic Fries
  • Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing
  • Raspberry Vinaigrette
  • Fresh made lemonade
  • Waffley Fries
  • Vegi-Bean Burger (order without cheese & mayo)
  • BBQ sauce
  • Sweet & Sour Sauce
  • Sesame Seed bun (that the Anasazi Bean burger comes with)
  • Jam (varied flavors)

So how is Burgerville for a vegan?

Burgerville is great for a vegan! With the Beyond Burger and Veggie Grillers, they have two vegan-friendly burger options that can be customized with your favorite toppings. You can also order their fries, waffley fries, raspberry vinaigrette dressing, and lemonade without any animal products.

They even have a vegan version of their popular anasazi bean burger. So whether you’re in the mood for a burger or some fries, Burgerville has got you covered.

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Frequently Asked Question:

Do they have a vegan-friendly bun?

Yes, they do! The sesame seed bun that the Anasazi Bean Burger comes with is vegan-friendly.

What about condiments?

Burgerville has a variety of vegan-friendly condiments, such as BBQ sauce, sweet & sour sauce, and jam. So you can customize your meal to your liking!

Is everything on the menu vegan-friendly?

No, not everything on the menu is vegan-friendly. But they do have a variety of vegan-friendly options that are sure to satisfy your hunger. So be sure to check out their menu before you visit!

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Vegan options at Burgerville have come a long way in the past few years. With more and more people adopting plant-based diets, it’s important that fast food chains like Burgerville offer up some decent vegan choices. The Beyond Meat Burger is a great option for vegans, and we hope to see even more vegan-friendly menu items in the future.

If you’ve tried out the Beyond Meat Burger or any of the other vegan options at Burgerville, please let us know what you think in the comments below. We always love to hear from our readers!

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