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Globally people are more concerned about health so they are slowly shifting towards veganism. In some parts of Asia, many people have been following a vegetarian diet for the last few decades as they believe that it is the purest form of life, and rather than being mortal one should be immortal by leading a pure lifestyle.

In those countries which had been veg for a long time now, people are becoming aware that eating meat is not good for health and environment as well.

Similarly, in the United States also the people are now becoming aware of veganism and a healthy lifestyle due to which many companies like Burger King, White Castle, etc have been offering vegetarian options under their brand names.

Sonic Corp is one such company whose aim was to cater to customers with healthier food.

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About Sonic

Sonic was founded in 1953 and has been a staple of American fast-food culture. It is continuing its tradition of bringing flavors from around the world to America with their latest menu addition: the vegan option. “We care about our customers’ lifestyles. It just makes sense that we would be able to offer them something they could eat” says Kimmy Makenzie, Sonic’s Vice President of Marketing.

Everything Vegan at SONIC

The vegan option is the latest health-conscious offering by an American fast-food chain to appear on menus. With Mexican menu items becoming more popular it was only a matter of time before Americans began seeing tacos with black beans and potato chunks replacing the beef. “It’s an inevitable part of the market. We were just one step ahead by adding this option to our menu” noted Ms. Makenzie when asked about the move and its risks and rewards.

In addition to flavor, Sonic is also catering to its environmentally-conscious demographic by adding a list of new drinks to the menu: 5% juice and 95% water. Ms. Makenzie also stated “We just want to show our customers that we care about them and their health.

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Everything Vegan at Sonic (2023)

Sonic is adding vegan food to its menu. They introduced a vegan burger option which is currently available in California and New York states. But now the company has decided to offer its signature foot-long hot dog as well as onion rings under the vegetarian-vegan section of their menu all over the USA.

The new summer menu will also include vegetarian options like veggie crunch sandwiches, veggie tots, etc. The reason behind this move is that company officials reviewed the comments and feedback received from its customers on social media that they want vegan options under their favorite fast-food chain’s menu.

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Vegan Sides Available at Sonic:

The options include:

1Tater Tots
2Sweet Potato Tater Tots
3French Fries

Vegan Bread at Sonic:

The options include:

1Philly Roll (not sold at all locations)
2Ciabatta Bun
3Poppy Seed Bun
4Bagel (not sold at all locations)

Things to put in your bread:

The options include:

2Grilled Red & Green Bell Peppers
4Grilled Onions

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Vegan Sauces & Dips at Sonic:

The options include:

1Sweet and Sour Sauce
3Grape Jelly
4Salsa de Sonic
5Celery Salt
7Strawberry Jam
8Hickory BBQ Sauce
9Spicy Mustard
10Maple Flavored Syrup
11Salt/Pepper Blend
12Marinara Sauce

Other Vegan Things at Sonic:

1Frito’s Corn Chips
2Apple Slices (no caramel sauce)
3Apple Sauce Packet

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Vegan Drinks and Slushies at Sonic:

The options include:

1Bottled Water (purchased from the local grocery store)
2Strawberry Lemonade Slushie (no sherbet, but the whip cream and cherry on top are not vegan.)
3Lemonade Slushie (no sherbet, but the whipped cream and cherry on top is not vegan)
4Lemon Fizz Slushie (no sherbet, but the whip cream and cherry on top are not vegan)
5Berry Limeade Slushie (no sherbet)
6Lemon Lime Slushie (no sherbet, but the whip cream and cherry on top are not vegan.)
7Root Beer Float Slushie (non-dairy ice cream is used for this option, but the whip cream and cherry on top of it are not vegan.)
8Grilled Apple Juice (purchased from the local grocery store)

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Sonic doing?

Sonic is doing better than McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, and Jack in the Box. Sonic’s sales are about 17% higher than they were at this time last year (according to Nation’s Restaurant News).

Is Sonic coming out with all vegan food?  When will it be available?  How do I know if the location near me is offering this?

Sonic is offering more vegan options than ever before, but they are not available at every location. You will have to call the restaurant in your area to see if they are offering these new vegan options.

Most likely, it is expected for you to pre-order the vegan food, so put in your order when you arrive at the location. Sonic has tested its vegan foods throughout 2019 and has plans for a 2020 nationwide launch including all 2,500+ locations.

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The future of the Sonic vegan menu looks bright. The company has committed itself to cater to vegans and vegetarians, so you can help by getting the word out. And now they will have food that is just as tasty without the animal products. Their marketing strategy is a smart move because a lot of people are going vegan or vegetarian now.

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