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The Best Travel Apps 

If you travel regularly, you will know that there’s an app for most of your traveling queries and problems. From travel bookings to accommodations, food, and transport, there’s an app that solves all your traveling problems with a click. With summer approaching, you might be planning a vacation with your family or friends. This article will help you plan and execute your travelling dreams with ease and ensure that you spend your time on holiday without worrying. 

Read on for the best travel app recommendations starting with the first and most important question: Where to travel? 

1. Wanderlog For Planning Your Trip

Wanderlog is a great app that helps you research travel destinations, recommend the best travel plans, make reservations, provides a list of to-do’s at specific locations, and the best times of the year to visit your preferred travel destinations. 

Wanderlog can export your travel plans to Google Maps and lets you calculate your total travelling time for road trips. You can add your stops and the places you want to visit en route and make notes for reminders on the app, which will be available offline. 

The app also lets you collaborate with friends to plan your trip together. You can come up with your own customized itineraries or even log your entire journey into your very own travel guide.

Making online transactions is a vital part of planning trips online. Make sure you have a reliable internet connection with a fast speed that is also budget-friendly. We recommend AT&T for that. AT&T Internet prices start from $55 making it one of the fastest yet most economical options.

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2. Kiwi For Flight Bookings

Kiwi is a great app to book flight tickets. The app helps you look for the cheapest flights at discounted prices. Kiwi has a partnership with as well as to help you book hotels and car rentals in the same app. 

You can compare prices, get to know about hidden fares, and save money with the app’s travel hacks. 


3. Hotel Tonight: To Book Hotels

Some people just like to plan things on impulse. This hotel booking app is for impulse travellers who need a hotel booking the night before or on the same day. Hotel Tonight connects you to multiple hotels with available rooms that you can choose from. 

The app works in thousands of cities globally and provides categorized rooms such as: basic, luxury, solid, hip, and charming. You can choose a room based on your mood and budget.

Hotel Tonight offers great deals daily that are valid for up to 15 minutes only. You can avail the daily discounted offer and save money. The app is now owned by Airbnb. 


4. Airbnb for Home Rentals

Airbnb is the best app to rent a home, apartment, or suite if you’re not looking for hotel services. This can be a great option for people travelling with families or who intend on staying longer as you can find cheaper options. 

Airbnb has multiple filters that let you search for just the right home for you. You can choose your price range, type of home, pet-friendly homes, etc. The app is very simple and easy to use, you can manage your trips, contact your host, book in advance or change your reservations. 


5. Triplt To Manage Your Travel Bookings

Managing a trip can be very messy. There are bookings for so many things including travel, air tickets, hotel rooms, and tourist attractions, sooner or later you’ll be frustrated by the influx of apps you have to keep a track of. To solve this issue, Triplt allows you to manage all your bookings in one app. You can sync your reservations to Triplt and only have to look for all your reservations in one place. 

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A great feature of the app is that you can share your plan with your family, friends, or tour guides who can pick you up and help you follow the itinerary as planned by you. 


6. Pack Your Bags with PackPoint

Packing your bags can be a tedious job. What to take for Instagram-worthy photos and what to take for behind-the-scenes survival. Well, this app is made just to help you navigate through that. You can add your destination and the activities you’re planning on doing to PackPoint and it will provide you with a list of things you will need. 

PackPoint also helps you locate if there will be laundry options around you so you can carry enough clothes. With a detailed list provided, all you need to do now is start packing!



Travelling becomes a lot more fun when you’re sorted for your stay, and have your transport and the places you want to visit all looked after. These apps make sure you have complete control over your planning, and you don’t have to fret at the last minute. We hope you have a great vacation!