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Vegan Options at Cinnabon (2023) | 20+ Options

Vegan Options at Cinnabon

Looking for a delicious vegan treat?

Cinnabon is a bakery that specializes in cinnamon rolls. It was founded in 1985 by Rich Komen and Dan Schleder. The company is headquartered in Sandy Springs, Georgia.

Cinnabon offers a variety of vegan items, including the Classic Roll, Pecanbon Roll, and Minibon. The Classic Roll is made with cinnamon and sugar and topped with a cream cheese frosting. The Pecanbon Roll is made with pecans and brown sugar and topped with a caramel frosting. The Minibon is a smaller version of the Classic Roll.

The bakery also offers a vegan Caramel Pecanbon roll, which is made with pecans and brown sugar and topped with caramel frosting. It’s available only through December 31st. Cinnabon had been serving its original vegan option for over two decades.

In addition to the cinnamon rolls, Cinnabon also offers vegan cookies and bars. The Oatmeal Raisin Cookie is made with raisins, oatmeal, and spices. The Chocolate Chip Cookie is made with semisweet chocolate chips. The Peanut Butter Cookie is made with creamy peanut butter and peanuts.

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Everything Vegan At Cinnabon

If you want to go vegan but crave your favorite treats, don’t fret: there are plenty of delicious options at Cinnabon. If you’re feeling a little lost without your old favorites, try out some of these tasty bites. You won’t regret it! The Classic Roll is the ooey, gooey cinnamon bun you know and love, but vegan. The Pecanbon is also a fan favorite, with a delicious pecan filling and topping. If you’re in the mood for something fruity, try the Strawberry BonBons. These sweet treats are bursting with strawberry flavor and topped with a rich cream cheese frosting. If you’re in the mood for something really indulgent, try the Caramel Pecanbon Cheesecake BonBons. They have all your favorite flavors: pecans, caramel and cheesecake! There are plenty of options at Cinnabon that will satisfy any sweet tooth.

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So What Is Vegan At Cinnabon?

You may be wondering what is vegan at Cinnabon and how you can find them. The good news is that all locations have a menu with everything marked as non-vegan, vegetarian or gluten free. This makes it easy to pick out the items that fit your dietary needs!

For example, if you’re looking for something sweet that is also gluten free, you can grab a Classic Roll or Pecanbon. If you’re in the mood for something fruity and vegan friendly, try out Strawberry BonBons! The Caramel Pecanbon Cheesecake BonBons are another great option if you want to indulge your sweet tooth without compromising your vegan lifestyle. No matter what you’re in the mood for, there is something delicious waiting for you at Cinnabon.

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I Want Cinnamon Rolls Though!

I’m not vegan, but I love trying out new vegan restaurants. And Cinnabon is no exception! They have a whole vegan menu that’s full of deliciousness. You can get anything from cinnamon rolls to churros – and they’re all vegan! So if you’re looking for a sweet snack or meal, head over to Cinnabon and get your fix!

To be honest, you may buy vegan cinnamon rolls from a bakery and I’ve done it before.

Frequently Asked Question:

What Can I Eat At Cinnabon?

Cinnabon is known for its soft, cinnamon rolls. But did you know that there are plenty of other options if you’re vegan or vegetarian? In this blog post we will let the cat out of the bag and reveal all the delicious food items available at Cinnamon.

Is Anything At Cinnabon Dairy Free?

Yes! The Caramel Pecanbon, as well as the Center of the Roll are both dairy-free. If you’re looking for something to drink that is also dairy-free, try a cup of coffee or hot chocolate with soy milk. Or if you prefer something cold, we have a variety of Coca-Cola products that are dairy free as well.

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Are Any Items At Cinnabon Vegan?

Yes! Our Minibons and Bagels with Cream Cheese are both vegan. Just be sure to order them without the cream cheese.

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 If you’re looking for a vegan-friendly cinnamon bun, Cinnabon has your fix. All of their buns are vegan except for the frosting, which can be easily skipped. With over 1,200 locations worldwide, it’s easy to find a Cinnabon near you that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

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