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Walmart Bakery Hours | Walmart Photo Center Hours Locations Credit Cards Gift Returns Info

What are Walmart’s Operational hours?

Walmart Bakery Hours, Walmart Photo Center Hours, Locations, Photo Center Hours, Credit card application, and requirements complete Information is written below to serve you! Walmart is a USA-based multinational corporation that owns a number of grocery stores, discount departmental stores, and hypermarkets. According to the “Information on Walmart Investors: Units Count and Square Footage”, Walmart has a total of 11,368 clubs and stores spread across 27 countries that are operating under 55 different names.

Walmart Bakery Hours

Friday 7AM–9PM
Saturday 7AM–9PM
Sunday 7AM–9PM
Monday 7AM–9PM
Tuesday 7AM–9PM
Wednesday 7AM–9PM
Thursday 7AM–9PM

Walmart Pharmacy Hours

Friday 8AM–8PM
Saturday 9AM–5PM
Sunday 10AM–4PM
Monday 8AM–8PM
Tuesday 8AM–8PM
Wednesday 8AM–8PM
Thursday 8AM–8PM

Walmart Photo Center Hours

Friday 8:30AM–10PM
Saturday ​8:30AM–10PM
Sunday ​9:30AM–8PM
Monday ​8:30AM–10PM
Tuesday ​8:30AM–10PM
Wednesday ​8:30AM–10PM
Thursday ​8:30AM–10PM

Walmart ​Garden Center & Super Center Hours

Saturday 6AM–12AM
Sunday 6AM–12AM
Monday 6AM–12AM
Tuesday 6AM–12AM
Wednesday 6AM–12AM
Thursday 6AM–12AM

Walmart Locations Hours Credit Cards Information

Walmart Locations Hours Credit Cards Information is a USA-based multinational corporation that owns a number of grocery stores, discount departmental stores, and hypermarkets. According to the “Information on Walmart Investors: Units Count and Square Footage”, Walmart has a total of 11,368 clubs and stores spread across 27 countries that are operating under 55 different names.

What are Walmart Pharmacy Hours?

In the USA and Canada, the retail corporation operates under the name of Walmart whose revenue is estimated to be more than US$500 billion, according to the Fortune Global 500 list of 2018. This makes it the world’s largest company on account of its revenue.

It offers a wide range of commodities that include electronics, office equipment, clothing, shoes, accessories, movies, music, books, home furniture and appliances, pharmaceutical goods, sports and fitness equipment, etc.

Walmart also offers a number of services including monetary services, product services, business services, auto services, pet services, health services, and registry services.

Product services include terms and conditions regarding product protection and filing complaints. Home services encompass the assembly, setting up, and installation of merchandise.

If any customer has any queries regarding product replacement, he or she can visit the Product Recall page for recall safety and product safety information. Besides this, if need be, one can visit a nearby Walmart local store or call the customer representative center to get direct and immediate assistance.

The pet services section offered by Walmart provides several medications for pets of different kinds and offers different accessories related to pet care.

Walmart Money Center

Click here for Walmart’s money center official site for detailed info & services

Monetary services offered by Walmart include the provision of a number of money instruments that allow consumers to easily pay or receive money based on their needs. This can be done by getting credit and prepaid debit cards, money orders, check cashing, Gift cards, and other money services (like PayPal, Coinstar, Walmart Pay, etc.).

11 inevitable Walmart financial, money service shown below.

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Walmart Photo

For prints, wall art, canvas, posters, gifts, and many other services, Walmart offers Walmart Photo Service. Find more here –

​Walmart Coupons

For prints, wall art, canvas, posters, gifts, and many other services, Walmart offers Walmart Photo Service.

Walmart Coupons according to location Walmart Weekly ads according to location​Check Live Updated Walmart Coupons – Here

Does Walmart accept mobile coupons? Walmart does not accept (mobile) digital coupons, (for example: coupons scanned off a mobile phone). Walmart does not accept counterfeit coupons (VISA, MC, AMEX, Applebee’s or any coupons made by a third party.

Does Walmart have digital coupons? Walmart offers coupons that you can print and use in your local Walmart store. Coupons will populate and can now be printed.

Walmart Auto, Automobile Services

Do you need an oil change, tire service, brake service, car battery change help, and more?

In the same manner as many others, the auto service caters to the needs of customers who want to purchase automobiles and make any routine maintenance with respect to their cars.

Walmart Auto locations:

Basic Car Care FAQs

Whether you have a new car or have been driving yours for years, basic car care is essential to keeping it running smoothly, efficiently, and for as long as possible. Walmart has over 2,500 Auto Care Centers nationwide with certified technicians who are ready to help you with your auto maintenance needs. These answers to common questions help you understand your car’s needs and how Walmart can help.

What Auto Services Does Walmart Provide?

Walmart’s certified auto care technicians perform basic auto maintenance services to keep your car rolling. Some services include tire installation, battery testing and installation, oil and lube services, and more. Simply drop your car off at the Auto Care Center and technicians get to work while you shop.

What Is the Difference Between Basic Tire Installation and Value Tire Installation?

The basic tire installation package includes tire mounting, valve stems, lifetime balance, rotation every 7,500 miles, and 50-mile lug re-torque. The value tire installation package includes all of the basic services but throws in a road hazard protection warranty.

What Is Road Hazard Protection?

The road hazard warranty protects your tires after you drive them out of the Auto Care Center. The warranty offers coverage for unforeseen road hazards and flat tire repairs. With road hazard protection, your tires purchased from the Walmart Tire Center are eligible for repairs or replacement depending on the extent of the damage. Repairable punctures are fixed free of charge and meet the Rubber Manufacturers Association guidelines.

What Are the Different Types of Oil?

Not all motor oils are the same. Putting the wrong type of motor oil in a vehicle could have major consequences. There are five main types of oil used in lightweight vehicles. The type of oil you choose depends on your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations, your driving habits, the age of the engine, and the climate you drive in. If you’re still confused about which type your car needs, the technicians at Walmart Auto Care Center can help you choose the right one for your vehicle.

  • Conventional Oil: The least expensive type of motor oil available. Meets API and SAE standards, but does not contain additives that could boost performance. API refers to the gravity (heaviness or lightness) of oil as determined by the American Petroleum Institute’s standards while the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) sets viscosity grading criteria. Conventional oil is ideal for frequent oil changes or cars with low mileage engines.
  • Premium Conventional Oil: The most common type of motor oil. 5W-20, 5W-30, and 10W-30 are common viscosity ratings and cover most types of light duty vehicles. The higher the number, the thicker the oil. In general, thicker oils provide more engine protection while thinner oils yield higher fuel economy.
  • Synthetic Oil: This type of oil is designed for longer-lasting performance and to protect against deposits. It performs well at both low and high temperatures. While synthetic oil can sometimes help boost the performance of a car, it is also more expensive than conventional oils. Owners should consult the owner’s manual for their vehicle to determine if this type of oil is necessary.
  • Synthetic Blend Oil: Synthetic blends offer the best of both conventional and full synthetic oils. They protect your vehicle at high temperatures without the higher price tag of full synthetic oils. These are popular for light pickup trucks and SUVs because of their performance with higher engine loads.
  • High-mileage Oil: This type of oil is specially formulated for engines that have over 75,000 miles. High-mileage oil includes seal conditioners to protect seals inside the engine by improving flexibility.
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What Is the Purpose of Cleaning a Car’s Fuel System?

Cleaning a car’s fuel system is important to keeping it running smoothly and efficiently. This is especially important for older vehicles or vehicles with high mileage because of buildup and deposits on the injector system. If the fuel injectors become clogged, a car may experience poor acceleration, reduced engine power, and other problems.

How Do You Know When It Is Time to Replace a Battery?

Your car begins to experience symptoms long before a battery dies completely. Being aware of these symptoms could save you the trouble of being stranded with a dead battery. Walmart Auto Care Center can assist you with battery testing, installation, and other services. Consider replacing your car battery when your vehicle experiences these symptoms:

  • Takes longer than normal to crank
  • The battery light on the dashboard comes on
  • Low battery fluid levels
  • Swollen battery
  • Leaking battery

Additionally, if the battery is over three years old but not experiencing these symptoms, have it tested annually to ensure it is in good condition.

How Often Should You Change an Air Filter?

A clogged or dirty air filter can affect your fuel efficiency, acceleration, and engine performance. In order to keep your car in top condition, replace the air filter every 30,000 to 45,000 miles. If you drive in severe conditions, such as on dirt roads or in heavy traffic, check and replace the air filter as often as every 15,000 miles. If you purchase your air filter from Walmart, installation is free.

When Should You Replace Wiper Blades?

Replace wiper blades twice a year in order to stay safe on the road. Walmart auto technicians check the condition of your wiper blades with Standard, High Mileage and Power & Performance oil changes to make sure they are in good condition.

Walmart Grocery

Yes, Walmart does grocery delivery or you can pick after an online order. Details here

Walmart Delivery | Same-Day Grocery Delivery from Walmart

Walmart Locations | Walmart Near Me

Currently, Walmart employs approximately 1.5 million U.S. associates at more than 5,000 stores and clubs nationwide.

Walmart stores and supermarkets can be found using Walmart Inc.’s official website ( ​clicking the tab ‘Store’ and clicking on the ‘Store Finder’ option. Local stores can also be found by clicking on the tab of ‘local stores’ which can help a customer find nearby stores by tracking the location of the customer via Global Positioning System (GPS). All Walmart stores have different timings and can be checked via the online website. The normal operating hours of the main store are 6 a.m. to 12 a.m. (Monday to Sunday). Click Here for Walmart location finder

Walmart Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Where can I use my Walmart Gift Card?Answer: Physical (tangible) cards with a PIN (personal identification number) may be used in any United States or Puerto Rico Walmart store or Sam’s Club, including parts of the facility that are managed by Walmart. These gift cards can also be used on and on (members only). Online-only gift cards (e-cards) can only be used online at or (membership required). An e-card is an electronic shopping account comprised of solely an account number and a balance; it does not include a tangible gift card.

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Question: Does Walmart match the Price?Answer: Not exactly, but read their policy here. You can definitely return and buy another if the price is lower.

Question: What is Walmart’s return policy?Answer: Walmart will accept returns within 90 days after purchase. This applies to all products, with a few exceptions, such as the following: Electronics including but not limited to computers, camcorders, digital music players, and GPS units must be returned within 15 days with receipt.

​Walmart Vision Center

Walmart also has a separate health service department that offers clinic services, a vision center, and a pharmacy. Once a customer has made the first Walmart prescription, he or she can create an online pharmacy account by providing their personal details and email address.

Find a vision center near you for eye exams, affordable prescription glasses, contact lenses, reading glasses, eye drops & eye care!

Click Here from the nearest Walmart Vision Center.

Walmart Gift Registry – Wedding or Baby Registry

Last but not least, Walmart offers registry services to its customers. This service department includes wedding registries, baby registries, and event registries.

The wedding registry involves creating an account on Walmart, and finding a wedding registry by entering your first and last name along with the name of your state. The baby registry covers almost all the services that are linked with the proper maintenance of a toddler.

Tips & ideas to help you get started

  • Baby – Click here for the baby registry
  • Wedding – Click here for the wedding registry
  • Events – Click here for ​the event registry

Click for Registry Guide & Tips

​Wedding Registry Guide  |  Baby Registry Information  |   How to Create Registry

​Walmart Track Order ​Online

In addition, one can check the status of their order by simply entering the provided email address and the last six digits of the order number on Walmart’s official website and track their products throughout the delivery process. Anyone who has ordered from Walmart can get details regarding the estimated time of delivery of their ordered products.

You will need your email address and the last 6 digits of the order number. This means either you log in online to get the order number or save your receipt. Click below to track Walmart orders online –

​All Walmart products have an electronic product code (EPC) which is a label that contains information about a product, such as the manufacturer’s name, product name, price, etc. Walmart uses this to manage its state of the art inventory management system.

​Walmart career | How to apply for a job at Walmart

Plus, Walmart Incorporation promises an empowering career in its organization by inviting job applications from all over the world. Any potential candidate, who considers themselves fit for Walmart’s job in any of the aforementioned service departments, is welcome to apply in the organization and can build a remarkable career in this huge enterprise.

Walmart Jobs – Click Here

Walmart is a big company and hence employs thousands of people. You can apply for different positions by going to this official Walmart job site –

Walmart credit card

How do you apply for a credit card from Walmart?

Here are 11 inevitable links pointing to the official Walmart site for any credit & finance needs. From money transfers, money orders, and money services to applying for Walmart credit cards, gift cards, tax preparation, check printing, and more.

Likewise, business services involve different promotional products that companies may want to sell on These services also include a corporate gift card program that targets different businesses that want to incentivize their employees and increase their performances.

Question. Do Rewards Expire?

Answer. No. Statement credits will be issued monthly for Rewards earned on purchases posted within that month. If the account is past due, the cardholder will not receive a statement credit until it is brought current.

Question. How does a cardholder receive Rewards, and how often?

Answer. Rewards are issued monthly as a statement credit for the amount of the total Rewards earned in that period.

Here’s how to check your Walmart credit card application status:

  1. Call 1-877-969-3668 to reach Walmart Credit Services.
  2. Press 1 for service in English.
  3. Press 1 for application status. Click here for Account Service Online Login –

Walmart ​Pharmacy

Customers can download Walmart app to refill a prescription with just a few taps or scan the label on a prescription bottle to refill it. Additionally, users can transfer prescriptions from another pharmacy to Walmart via the app and browse the retailer’s assortment of $4 generic prescriptions.

Find Walmart pharmacy locations near you – click here

​Refill, prescription, transfer all fast and affordable. With the Walmart Rx Program, you can get select generic medications at $4 for a 30-day supply and $10 for a 90day supply