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Better Brews And Blends: 7 Must-Try Hacks For Every Coffee Lover

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Elevating your coffee-drinking experience at home is a pursuit worth embracing since the quest for the perfect cup is a journey that never ends. After all, constantly seeking ways to refine your coffee brewing and crafting skills opens a world of aromatic possibilities.

Experimenting with different techniques, equipment and coffee beans in Dubai enhances your brew’s flavour profile and transforms your daily ritual into a rewarding art. Moreover, the satisfaction of crafting a consistently excellent cup gives you a deeper appreciation for the nuances of coffee.

These reasons should encourage you to stay curious and continue exploring new methods and savouring the joy of continual improvement to unlock home brews that consistently delight your senses.

Hacks to Help You Enhance Your Brews at Home

If you’re looking for ways to elevate your homebrewed coffee, try the following hacks and tricks:


1. Grind your coffee beans like a pro.

Uneven coffee grounds usually give you spotty, flat-tasting brews. If you want better-tasting beverages, you need to work on your coffee bean grinding skills.

To grind coffee beans perfectly, hold the coffee grinder with one hand over the hopper and lift the equipment, shaking it gently while grinding.

This simple hack moves the beans around and helps the machine grind them more evenly. As a result, you get perfectly even grounds for your brews.


2. Use a popcorn maker to roast coffee beans.

If you have a popcorn maker, you might want to try roasting your coffee beans with this equipment.

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Hot air popcorn poppers are excellent coffee roasters since they rotate and heat the beans thoroughly to help them develop rich flavours. You can get perfectly roasted beans within five minutes using this machine.

Keep in mind, though, that you can’t roast large batches of coffee beans with a popcorn maker. However, you can customise your roast to your liking and experiment with different roast levels or types to come up with various flavours and profiles whenever you want.


3. Rinse the coffee filter before brewing.

Take the time to rinse your coffee filter before using your machine to prevent any unwanted particles, dirt and flavours from getting into your coffee

This simple practice can also reduce the colourants in your brews since a dirty filter comes with impurities that can discolour the water. Additionally, cleaning it can help keep your coffee’s temperature consistent while you’re brewing.

With this hack, you can have better-tasting brews at home.


4. Use filtered water.

Tap water is not recommended for making coffee since it may have chlorine and other elements that can affect the taste of your brew. On the other hand, distilled water usually lacks minerals that can enhance your beverage’s flavour.

Filtered water is the best option when brewing your coffee. It contains minerals that can make your beverage more flavourful without the chemicals that might affect its taste.

You can buy bottled filtered water or make it with a drinking water filter system. Keep a few bottles of this water so that you can use them every time you brew.


5. Add spices to your ground coffee.

Cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, nutmeg and other spices can infuse your coffee with complex, exciting flavours.

Cinnamon adds a warm bite to your brew, while cardamom gives it a complex aroma. Combining cloves and nutmeg can give your coffee a taste and scent reminiscent of the festive season.  

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If you want to give this hack a try, start by adding half a teaspoon of your chosen spice for every one to two tablespoons of ground coffee. You can reduce or add more based on your preference.

Moreover, you can combine two or more spices to come up with flavours that tickle your tastebuds and make your brews more delightful.

When you add these spices to your ground coffee, you can savour their unique taste without sprinkling them on your hot or iced cup of joe.  


6. Add salt to your coffee.

Adding salt to your coffee helps counteract its bitterness and enhance its overall flavour profile.

The extreme bitter taste of coffee is usually caused by over-extraction when you brew the coffee too long and when the coffee grounds are excessively fine.

Since salt is a natural taste enhancer, it can help mask your coffee’s bitterness. Simply add a tiny pinch of this seasoning to reduce this unpleasant flavour, making each sip more pleasant.

The right amount of salt can also bring out the natural sweetness of your coffee, helping to balance its overall taste profile.


7. Keep a stock of coffee ice cubes.

If you love iced coffee, you can enjoy more flavourful beverages by making coffee ice cubes and stocking them in your freezer.

To make coffee ice cubes, pour brewed coffee cooled to room temperature into ice cube trays. Put them in the freezer and add them to a glass of milk or water if you prefer your brew black when you’re craving iced coffee.

With coffee ice cubes, you’ll have flavourful cold brews until the very last drop. You won’t have to content yourself with glasses of watered-down iced coffee that lacks flavour and are not as strong.  

This hack also allows you to experiment with different coffee blends, brew strengths, and flavours by adding sugar and spices to your concoctions.  

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With these hacks and tricks, you can savour better brews in your villa or apartment and enjoy coffee that’s good to the last drop.