Vegan Options at Tim Hortons (2023) | 12+ Options

Vegan cafes are becoming more and more popular in the United States, Canada, Australia, and several other countries. It’s great to see passionate people opening vegan businesses where everyone can dine, not just vegans or vegetarians. Cafes are not only about food – they’re an experience, a meeting place for people from all backgrounds.

Now vegan people can also enjoy the same experience as everyone else, as more vegan cafes open up. One of these establishments is Tim Hortons which is suitable for vegans with several bakery-fresh options. They are also one of the only restaurants that offer almond milk for their beverages.

Everything Vegan at Tim Hortons (2023)

The Tim Hortons franchise is the largest coffee chain in Canada, and one of the biggest fast-food chains in North America. Established in 1964, Tim Hortons has since become famous for its excellent coffee blend. While primarily known as a Canadian brand, it also operates stores internationally (especially in the United States). Despite this expansion into other countries, Tim Hortons has been able to maintain its Canadian heritage and values.

Everything Vegan at Tim Hortons

The logo of Tim Hortons has changed throughout its history but remains fairly simple and consistent. A red circle encloses the name “Tim Hortons” which is written in white, bold lettering. For most of its history, there were no images around or on top of the name (although some stores do use a picture of Tim Horton’s himself). However, since 2016, some stores have placed an image of hockey player Tim Horton inside the circle. This is the only logo difference between Canadian and American stores.

Tim Hortons also has its app where you can order and pay for your items before visiting the store. You can even earn loyalty points to get free food! Tim Hortons strives to make customers feel like they are part of a community, inviting them to use their app to participate in contests and offers, as well as connect with their friends on social media.

The Tim Hortons franchise is truly an institution of Canada. It has gained popularity all across the country for its amazing coffee, treats, and food items. Its strong Canadian heritage makes Tim Hortons a great choice for any vegan wanting to enjoy some delicious food while in Canada!

Not Just Coffee Tim Hortons has also gained great popularity for its baked goods. One of the most iconic appetizing items available at Tim Hortons is their doughnuts. However, even these are vegan! Tim Hortons uses trans-fat-free vegetable oil in all of its fryers, meaning that any doughnut or baked good made with their oil is 100% vegan. You’d never know that these treats were animal-free just by looking at them!

Tim Hortons also offers bagels, muffins, croissants, crueler sandwiches, Panini sandwiches, wraps… you name it! There are so many options to choose from when it comes to sweet and savory food items.

While the coffee is undoubtedly Tim Horton’s specialty, it also serves a wide range of beverages. Its classic menu features brewed coffee, espresso drinks, cappuccinos, hot chocolate, and even its special blend of iced tea called Iced Tea Twist. On top of these options are seasonal summer drinks like Strawberry Cream Coolatta which are only available for a few months out of the year.

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Tim Hortons has more than just drinks, they have a wide variety of food items as well. The classic breakfast fare includes oatmeal, bacon & eggs combos, bagels with various toppings, and of course, coffee. It also offers several lunch/dinner items such as sandwiches and wraps, soups and chili, and of course, Timbits (bite-sized donut bites). Iced Capps is another popular item on the menu which is essentially a drink version of a cappuccino.

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This iconic Canadian restaurant serves high-quality coffee and baked goods at low prices.

Vegan Primary Food Items at Tim Hortons:

Vegan primary food at Tim Hortons is budget-friendly and delicious! Garden veggie Sandwiches are the most popular vegan sandwich option. Other items include:

1Regular Oatmeal
2Harvest Vegetable Soup (Not all locations)
3Mixed Berry Oatmeal
4Usually another Oatmeal flavor or two
5Beyond Sausage Lettuce & Tomato (Not all locations)
6Garden Veggie Sandwich (Specify no cream cheese)
7All Beyond Meat Entrees if ordered without cheese or eggs
8Garden Salad (Should be Vegan as-is with dressing)
9Beyond Meat Burger (Not all locations)

Vegan Sides at Tim Hortons:

The vegan sides at Tim Hortons like muffins and oatmeal can vary from location to location. Some locations may stock vegan-friendly sweet and savory options while others may not.

1Multiple Jams/Jellies (All Vegan)
2Peanut Butter
3Kettle Chips
4Potato Wedges (Gravy is Vegan if you want it)
5Homestyle Biscuit
6English Muffin
7Hash Browns

Vegan Bread & Bagel Options at Tim Hortons:

Vegan Bread in Tim Hortons is one of the only vegan items that aren’t vegan by default. In this case, you will need to order a bagel with cream cheese as the dairy spreads they use are not Vegan.

1English Muffin
2Homestyle Biscuit
4Blueberry Bagel
5Plain Bagel
6Sesame-Seed Bagel
7White Bread
8Whole Wheat Bread
9Cinnamon Raisin Bagel

Vegan Drinks at Tim Hortons:

Tim Hortons offers a variety of Coffee blends and drinks. The iced coffee drinks are the most popular beverage, but they also offer hot coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, smoothies, and more.

1Frozen Lemonade & other slushy-fruit drinks (Raspberry Cooler, etc)
2All Coffees if taken Black (without Milk/Creamer)
3All Teas if you don’t add dairy-milk
4All Coffees if Taken with Soymilk (Not all locations, but generally available nationwide and internationally).
5Apple Cider (Can be ordered Hot – YUM)

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Vegan Desserts at Tim Hortons:

No desserts are vegan as-is at Tim Hortons. You can use an online tool to find out which baked goods are vegan and then order those items off the menu! There aren’t any proper vegan desserts at Tim Hortons in the USA or Canada but there are some dairy-free vegan treats such as:

1 Apple Turnovers (Seasonally, not always available)
2 Muffins (Seasonally, not always available)
3 Brownies (Seasonally, not always available)
4 Coffee Cake Slice (Sometimes Current Seasonal Item – will be labeled Vegan on the menu if it is)
5 Cookies (All locations)

Frequently asked questions

Does Tim Hortons have Vegan-Friendly Donuts?

No, but they have vegan-friendly doughnuts with raspberry filling in some locations! They are not always available, but you can check with your local Tim Hortons to see if they have them. They also offer jam and jelly spreads for their bagels which are all vegan-friendly!

What are the ingredients of Vegan-friendly Bagels at Tim Hortons?

Most bagels are vegan-friendly but you need to make sure that they don’t have any egg wash on them. Check for dairy milk as well. Oftentimes their maple glaze will contain eggs so be careful.

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With the budget-friendly environment, Tim Hortons also takes food allergies very seriously. All of Tim Hortons’s products are made in one central facility where they are baked and prepared. That means that when you go to buy something at Tim Hortons, it is guaranteed gluten-free (and vegan).

There are also allergy cards available for anyone with allergies so that employees know exactly what ingredients to stay away from and how to treat customers with allergies. Their vegan options are limited, but is one of the best vegan-friendly fast-food chains in Canada and the USA.

Tim Hortons is a great place to go when you’re in a pinch or on the go. It is a great place to stop and grab a vegan sandwich, a side dish of fruit, or a bagel!

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