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Being a vegetarian isn’t always easy, depending on where you go.  Luckily, vegan food is getting more and more popular as veganism becomes more mainstream. Despite veganism being a global trend, vegan food is not available in all cafes.

Many Americans are now vegan and veganism has become a global trend that is not slowing down. According to Business Insider, one in every three Americans consider themselves vegan or vegetarian. Veganism is now more than just a diet because it includes all aspects of life, vegan food, vegan shops, and a vegan diet. People who follow veganism are very interested in vegan restaurants and cafes.

Cafes are not only associated with coffee, cakes, or sandwiches, vegan food has become more mainstream. A vegan diet is different from a vegetarian diet in the sense that it excludes any type of animal product, including dairy and eggs.

It is known that vegan food is healthy and it contains all the necessary nutrients and is also rich in proteins, calcium, omega-3 fatty acids. Vegan food in cafes is one of the trendiest topics that many bloggers, chefs, and restaurants are talking about. Being vegan is not only about the food you eat, but also the places you go to eat.

For vegan customers who are looking for vegan food in cafes, Denny’s may be the answer to veganism.

Denny’s vegan menu items are aimed at vegan customers who are looking for vegan food in cafes. Denny’s vegan menu consists of vegan-friendly salads, vegan burgers, vegan sandwiches, and vegan desserts. Their vegan burger contains French fries, vegan cheese, lettuce, and tomato served with french dressing on the side. Their vegan

Everything Vegan at Denny’s (2023)

Denny’s chain is a famous American family restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is now joining the vegan trend with its vegan menu items. Many vegan bloggers have been to Denny’s vegan burger on veganism. Variation of vegan food is also an important aspect for Denny’s as the options on Denny’s menu, including vegan burgers, omelets, and other breakfast items.

The vegan burger has already been introduced to some of its restaurants, while vegan omelets will be available soon. This new vegan menu was introduced after many requests. Denny’s vegan menu will also contain vegan pancakes and vegan French toast. This vegan menu is made up of all vegan ingredients and it is specially formulated by Denny’s head chef, Dan Coudreaut.

Denny’s vegan menu is already available in some branches and the vegan omelets will be introduced to all its branches and soon they introduce vegan pancakes or vegan French toast on this vegan menu. Denny’s vegan restaurants have a great reputation for vegan food due to their vegan burgers which were a huge success.

Denny’s vegan menu was introduced after a vegan customer asked the company on Twitter if they were going to introduce vegan food in the future.  The restaurant chain responded by saying that they already have vegan options at their restaurants, but will soon introduce vegan omelets and vegan pancakes to their vegan menu.

This tweet went viral and vegan customers have been very pleased by vegan restaurants. In 2019 Denny’s vegan menu was further expanded to vegan burgers and vegan omelets. Many vegan customers have been happily surprised by vegan dishes at Denny’s vegan restaurants.

Their menu is a great option for vegan customers because it includes vegan options from breakfast to dinner. In 2019 Denny’s vegan restaurants had a great reputation with their vegan burgers and many people have been asking on social media when vegan pancakes and vegan French toast will be available on the vegan menu. Their vegan menu is very popular among the customers as it is healthy, tasty, and includes quality vegan food that contains all the nutrients they need and the best part is that the vegan food can be found at any branch of the restaurant chain.

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Vegan Breakfast Options at Denny’s (All Day):

Denny’s is now exploring adding vegan breakfast options to the vegan menu. The vegan burger at Denny’s has been a great success and based on its popularity (and the fact that it’s vegan), it’s almost certain that vegan breakfast items will be added.

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Denny’s serves breakfast all day, making vegan options more accessible. Vegan pancakes and vegan French toast can be specially ordered vegan. Animal rights organization PETA has named Denny’s one of the best vegan-friendly restaurant chains in America. Some variations of vegan food in Denny’s include :

1Toast (Request no Butter)
2Hash Browns
3Grits (made with water instead of Milk)
4Plain Bagel (Not present at all locations, but always Vegan)
5Oatmeal (Request to be made with water instead of milk)
6Red-skinned Potatoes
7Mixed Fruit Cup
8Wheat English Muffin (Request no Butter)

Vegan “Omelets” at Denny’s (Late-2020): Vegan omelets introduced to all its branches before 2020. Denny’s vegan chefs are working hard to prepare for this vegan option that will certainly please vegan customers.

Vegan Lunch/Dinner Main Course Options at Denny’s:

Denny’s lunch and dinner vegan menu include vegan burgers and vegan salads. You can choose from vegan options for lunch or dinner meals. Some variations of vegan main course in Denny’s include :

1Fit Fare Veggie Skillet (No Egg)
2Santa Fe Skillet (No Chorizo, Eggs, or Cheese.)
3BYOB (Build Your own Burger – see below paragraphs)
4Supreme Skillet (No Sausage, Eggs, or Cheese.)
5Hearty Breakfast Skillet (No Sausage, Eggs, or Cheese.)

Vegan “Burgers” at Denny’s: In response to vegan requests, vegan burgers have been added to the vegan menu in 2019. The vegan burger is a vegan patty topped with vegan cheese and vegan mayonnaise. It is made with vegan patties topped with vegan cheese and vegan mayonnaise.

Vegan patty options include vegan beef, vegan chicken, vegan bacon, vegan sausage, vegan ham. Build your own burger vegan option allows vegan customers to choose vegan fillings and vegan toppings. Vegan burgers include vegan patties, vegan cheese, vegan bacon, vegan sauce, and grilled vegetables.

The Fit Fare Veggie Skillet is a vegan dinner option and it contains zucchini and squash as well as red and green peppers. There are no eggs or cheese in this vegan dinner option. You can also organize the Santa Fe vegan skillet, which contains vegan pico de gallo salsa, vegan chipotle sauce, and vegan chili-lime tortilla strips.

You can also organize the Supreme vegan skillet which is a vegan dinner option and it comes with vegan red pepper pesto, vegan garlic-and-herb sauce, vegan roasted Tomatoes, and vegan soy-protein crumbles.

Vegan Side Options at Denny’s:

Denny’s vegan customers can organize their side options by removing vegan cheese and vegan croutons from the vegan House Salad. They can also organize their baked potatoes, oatmeal, and toast. Some variations of vegan side options in Denny’s include :

1Red-skinned Potatoes
2House Salad (No Cheese/Crackers, see below for dressing)
3Toast (Request no Butter)
4Baked potato (Plain, no butter/etc)
5Mixed Fruit Cup
6Hash Browns
7Sauteed Zucchini & Squash (Not all locations)
8Seasoned Fries
9Wheat English Muffin (Request no Butter)
11French Fries
12Oatmeal (Fruit & Syrups are Vegan)

Denny’s vegan side options include vegan French fries. Their vegan-friendly vegan bread includes a vegan wheat English Muffin with no butter, vegan toast with no butter, and vegan bagels without cheese or cream cheese. Denny’s vegan side options also contain vegan hash browns and sauteed zucchini but only at certain locations.

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Vegan Extras/Sauces/Dressings at Denny’s:

Denny’s vegan customers can organize their vegan options by removing vegan cheese and vegan croutons from the vegan House Salad as well as organizing their baked potato, oatmeal and toast. They can also ask for ketchup without honey to organize their French fries. Some variations of vegan sauce in Denny’s include :

1Barbecue sauce and other common condiments (ketchup, mustard, etc)
2French dressing
3Italian dressing
4All Jellies & Jams
5Balsamic Vinaigrette
6All Syrups (Pancake/Waffle)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Denny’s vegan-friendly?

Yes, vegan customers can organize their breakfast and lunch/dinner options at Denny’s. The vegan bread, vegan butter, and vegan cheese make the vegan House Salad a vegan-friendly meal option.

Denny’s serves vegan large plates of vegan-friendly hash browns eggs and vegan sausage vegan patties. There is a vegan wheat English muffin vegan bagel vegan pancakes vegan waffles, vegan French fries vegan seasoned fries vegan side vegetable options, and vegan sauces.

Is the Fit Fare Veggie Skillet a vegan lunch/dinner vegan option?

Yes, the Fit Fare Veggie Skillet is a vegan dinner option that comes with zucchini and squash organized by vegan red and green peppers. There are no vegan eggs or vegan cheese in this vegan dinner vegan option which you can also find vegan options at vegan restaurants serving vegan brunch.

The vegan Santa Fe vegan skillet is a vegan dinner vegan option with pico de gallo, chipotle sauce, and vegan chili-lime crunchy strips. The vegan Supreme vegan skillet is a vegan dinner vegan option with vegan red pepper pesto, vegan garlic-and-herb sauce, and vegan roasted Tomatoes. Both vegan Santa Fe and vegan supreme vegan skillets are made without vegan eggs or vegan cheese.


Denny’s is a well-known American diner and breakfast restaurant with locations all over the world including the United States, Canada, UK, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Chile, and New Zealand.

They serve vegan French fries, vegan hash browns, and vegan sauteed vegan zucchini veganized by vegan red and green peppers depending on location availability. The bigger chains figure out how to organize vegan ingredients. For vegan consumers, some apps rank vegan restaurants according to vegan customers and offer vegan coupons for vegan-friendly vegan options.

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