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Vegan Options at Hooters (2023) | 21+ Options

Vegan Options at Hooters

Hooters is known for their chicken wings, but now they are introducing vegan and vegetarian options to their menu! This move is in response to the growing demand for plant-based foods. According to a study by market research firm Mintel, one third of Americans are choosing to eat more plant-based foods.

Hooters is hoping to capitalize on this trend by adding vegan and vegetarian items to their menu. The new menu will include items such as black bean burgers, veggie wraps, and hummus plates. This is great news for vegetarians and vegans who have been looking for a place to eat out with friends.

So whether you are a vegan or vegetarian, or just looking for something new to try, head on over to Hooters and check out their new menu!

Vegetarian Options At Hooters:

Yes, Hooters does have vegetarian options! You can order a veggie burger, or a garden salad with no meat. They also have a few different sides that are vegetarian-friendly, such as French fries, onion rings, and fruit cups. If you’re looking for something a little more substantial, there’s always the grilled cheese sandwich too.

Vegetarian wings with no meat or bacon bits are available if you ask for them. Quorn New “Boneless” Vegetarian Wings come with the following sauces: Chocolate Mousse Cake Key Lime Pie Caramel Fudge cheesecake Curly Fries Big Dipper Fries Mac’n’Cheese Fried Pickles Veggie Burger Roasted Broccoli Cheeseburger Garden Salad Bacon Cheese Fries Baked Beans.

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There are plenty of sweets to satisfy one’s sweet tooth if one has space for dessert. The chocolate mousse cake, key lime pie, and caramel fudge cheesecake are all vegetarian desserts.

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Vegan Options At Hooters:

Hooters now has vegan and vegetarian options!

  • The Vegan Options include:
    • Tater Tots
    • Lite Ranch & Lite Italian (confirm, generally vegan at most locations)
    • All Salads if ordered without meat/cheese/croutons/bacon-bits with a vegan dressing options.
    • Lime Vinaigrette
    • The Taco Salad is the best salad option for us vegans.
    • Roasted Mixed Vegetables (confirm, generally it’s vegan by default)
    • Balsamic Vinaigrette
    • Teriyaki Wing Sauce
    • Roasted Broccoli (confirm, generally it’s vegan by default)
    • Big Dipper Fries
    • Curly Fries
  • The Vegetarian Options include:
    • House Salad Garden salad with dressing on the side Grilled Cheese Sandwich Veggie Burger.
    • A Veggie burger instead of the grilled cheese sandwich, and more.
    • The Chili from Hooters is a delicious vegan dish. Traditional, with onion, seasoning mix, green pepper, black beans, smoke marinade, breading mix, peppers, garlic, and kidney beans served. Simply tell them to skip the beef meat and broth and opt for one of the Hooters vegan sauce options instead. The chili may also be ordered with vegan cheese.
    • Hooters also offers a variety of dipping sauces which can go along with any of their vegan or vegetarian options! The vegan sauce options are: BBQ, buffalo, garlic Parmesan, honey mustard, and ranch.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is There Anything Vegetarian At Hooters?

Yes, Hooters now has a number of vegan and vegetarian options. You can order the Veggie Salad, the Garden Veggie Sandwich, or the Veggie Pizza.

Hooters has also added vegan cheese to their menu. This means that you can now order one of their pizzas without cheese or with the vegan cheese instead of regular dairy-based cheese.

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Is Hooters Veggie Burger Vegan?

Yes Hooter’s brand veggie patty is made from quinoa and Mung beans and is served on a vegan bun with lettuce, tomatoes and ranch dressing (no mayo).

Hooters Veggie Burger Goes Vegan?

Yes, Hooters has recently introduced a Veggie burger!

Sitting up to 50 ft. from the kitchen, diners can enjoy elevated comfort foods with their vegan and vegetarian options on the menu.

Hooters is excited about this new addition to their menu, “We took some time to develop this unique dish for our veggie lovers out there,” said Hooters spokesperson Ginger Parker-Rangel. “People are thrilled that they can satisfy their cravings at Hooters while also depending on us for harmless food.” Customers have been asking about vegan options in recent years and were enthusiastic when they heard of this possible addition to the world famous chain’s list of familiar dishes.

They’ve now added yet another vegetarian option, Quorn-brand wings, but they’re not vegan either, so the chances of a vegan burger look dim; they could have easily switched to a plant-based Quorn product instead.

So Are Hooters Fried Pickles Vegan?

No, Hooters house-made fried pickles are not vegan Hooters locations with a vegan-friendly atmosphere are few and far between, which is why it’s crucial to call ahead before heading out.

Fried pickles are typically breaded with eggs or milk. This means they are not vegan or vegetarian options, since these items contain animal products that most dietary restrictions prohibit.

Similarly, the fried pickles at Hooters are cooked in a fryer that is also used to prepare battered chicken wings and other non-vegan products.

How Is Hooters For A Vegan Or Vegetarian?

Hooters has introduced a first-of-a-kind menu for vegetarians and vegans. The first 100 Hooters restaurants in the US will feature a special “veggie burgers” section, adding to other vegan and vegetarian-friendly offerings like lettuce wraps and side dishes of grilled asparagus, portobello mushrooms, edamame soy beans or onion rings.

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Vegetarians will enjoy it a lot more, as there are now plenty of alternatives for them. It’s also wonderful for vegans; they can get what I’ve been told to be a nice vegetable burger, numerous side choices, and even healthier salad options.

Does Hooters Have Vegetarian Wings?

Yes, Hooters offers a vegetarian version of their popular chicken wings. The vegetarian wings are made with Gardein, which is a plant-based meat alternative. They are crispy, tender and delicious.

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Hooters is now offering a vegan and vegetarian menu in the first 100 locations nationwide. The Veggie Burger, Garden Veggie Sandwich, and an assortment of side dishes are all plant-based options for vegans to enjoy while dining at Hooters.

While it might seem like this new addition would be perfect for vegetarians as well, there’s not much else on the menu that’s suitable without some modifications or substitutions. For example, fried pickles aren’t vegan because they’re cooked in a fryer with other non-vegan products; however if you want something from Hooter’s besides their signature wings placed on top of onion rings then your only real option is the Quorn version which isn’t vegan either.

It looks like Hooters has finally listened to their customers and added some healthy options that aren’t fried or covered in cheese sauce.  If you have any comments or suggestions please comment down below!

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