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Vegan Options at Applebee’s (2023) | 15+ Options

Vegan Options at Applebee's

Veganism is a growing trend around the world, and more vegan businesses are opening up every year that cater to this demand for healthy plant-based foods – especially in places like New York City where vegetarian and vegan options can be found on almost every block. Vegan cafes have been popping up all over the place to offer delicious vegan eats.

People can’t seem to get enough of vegan food, as it’s a great way to cut down on meat consumption and offer a healthier way of eating that’s good for the animals and the environment. Veganism has become increasingly popular in recent years, with more people turning to it as an alternative to vegetarianism. Vegan food options are on the rise as people embrace Veganism for its health benefits, notably weight loss.

Vegan cafes have begun springing up all over the place to offer delicious vegan eats that are healthier than standard meat-based dishes. Cafes like Applebee’s Vegan Cafe have been popping up in cities around the country to offer a healthy alternative to what can be found at other eateries.

Everything Vegan at Applebee’s (2023)

Vegan cafes have become increasingly popular over the years, and Applebee’s Vegan Cafe is no different. Applebee’s was founded in the year 1980. The Vegan Café will be an exciting new addition to this company that has already established itself as one of the nation’s premier casual dining establishments. Applebee’s Vegan Café has been designed with a modern look and feels that caters specifically to vegans who prefer Veganism over the standard meat-based dishes.

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Everything Vegan at Applebee's

Applebee’s Vegan Cafe opened its doors late in the year 2021 to a Vegan-friendly menu that includes Vegan options that are healthier for people and the planet. It caters specifically to Vegan diners who want Veganism to be an integral part of their dining experience.

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Vegan Appetizers at Applebee’s: Vegan

Applebee’s Vegan Café has something to offer for everyone who decides to dine there…even if they’re not vegan! They offer Vegan appetizers like vegan wings that are made out of soy protein isolate to provide a healthier option for people who want their Vegan food to be healthy too. Some of the Vegan Appetizers include:

1Chips & Salsa
2Basket of Fries

Applebee’s Main-course Vegan Meal Options: Vegan

The main dishes at Applebee’s new vegan café include a variety of items like the Classic Veg, which is made up of carrots, cabbage, corn, and peas. The Grilled Caribbean Vegetables are marinated in Caribbean spices to give it its unique flavor profile.

There are also Vegan pasta dishes to choose from, Vegan burgers and Vegan sandwiches. All of the Vegan options are made out of non-GMO soy or plant proteins that are Vegan-friendly to cater to Vegans who want their food to be healthy too! Some other main items include:

1Oriental Chicken Salad (No Chicken, Sub dressing for Vegan Dressing)
2Impossible Burger without cheese (Not all locations – Yet!)
3Impossible Burger without cheese (Not all locations – Yet!)

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Applebee’s Vegan Sides: Vegan

The Vegan Café also offers Vegan-friendly sides including Vegan fries. One can even opt for Vegan mac & cheese made with Vegan cheese instead of real cheese. Other vegan side options include:

1Seasoned Fries
2Salad Greens with Fruit and Veggies
3Baked Potato (Request no Butter)
4Steamed Broccoli (Request no Butter)
5Apple Sauce
7French Fries
8House Salad (No Cheese, see vegan dressings below)
9Grilled Onions (Off-menu but able to be ordered as a topping)

Applebee’s Vegan Salad Dressings & Sauces Vegan

Vegan customers can now enjoy Vegan-friendly salads with their Vegan friends without having to worry if the dressing is Vegan or not. This vegan café will offer Vegan-friendly salad dressings including:

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1Balsamic Glaze
3Chunky Roma Pepper Relish
4Black Bean Corn Salsa
5Sweet & Spicy Sauce
6Pico De Gallo
7Champagne Vinaigrette
8Chunky Roma Pepper Relish
9Lemon Olive Oil Vinaigrette
10Chimichurri Sauce
11Fat-Free Italian

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Applebee’s Vegan Café offer Vegan dessert options?

Yes, Vegan desserts include Vegan donuts and Vegan cookies. They even have vegan cheesecake made with Vegan cheese.

Is Applebee’s Vegan Café Vegan-certified?

Applebee’s Vegan Café does not have Vegan certification, but it caters specifically to Vegans who are looking for Veganism to be an integral part of their dining experience. They offer Vegan options that are healthier for people and the planet.


Applebee’s Vegan Café is here to stay and allows Vegan customers to have Vegan-friendly food that caters specifically to their Vegan needs. Even though Applebee’s Vegan café does not have Vegan certification, Vegan customers are excited about their Vegan-friendly menu including Vegan appetizers, Vegan main-course items, and Vegan desserts.

There are even Vegan salad dressings to choose from at Applebee’s Vegan Café. But one of the problems there is that Vegan-friendly or Vegan items are not labeled properly, which makes it difficult for customers to know what they’re ordering.

The best part is they also offer vegan ketchup and they even have vegan cheesecake made with Vegan cheese. Drinks at the Vegan café include Vegan frappes, Vegan smoothies, and Vegan chocolate milkshakes.

It is a place designed for Vegan customers, so if you’re Vegan stop by Applebee’s Vegan Café at least once to see what they have on their new menu.

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