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Vegan Options at Clif Bars (2023) | 30+ Options

Vegan Options at Clif Bars

The world is moving towards a green planet and everyone is adopting plant-based foods. The vegan movement is growing strong and more people are turning to a cruelty-free lifestyle. With the increase in the number of vegans, many food companies have started investing in producing plant-based merchandise for customers who are looking to eat food that does not contain animal products. One such company which has recently entered the vegan market is Cliff Bars, Inc. Cliff Bars is a well-recognized brand that specializes in protein bars targeting athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Clif Bars

Cliff Bars are founded by Gary Erickson and Kit Crawford in 1990. Cliff Bars are known to be one of the easiest protein bars available. They are widely popular among users for being tasty, vegan products with subtle flavors that can suit anyone’s taste buds.

Cliff Bars is a good company that has good ethics and caters to the vegan population by providing them with animal-friendly food items at affordable prices. With environmental benefits and supporting an ethical movement, Cliff Bars are ahead of their counterparts in terms of marketing strategies, ethics, and product quality.

Consumers are more health-conscious now, given the rising living expenses. People are looking for good deals on grocery items, which is why Cliff Bars have focused on reducing their prices to attract customers. Currently, there are four varieties of protein bars offered by Cliff Bars: the original blend consisting of peanuts and chocolate, peanut butter crunch choco-chip cookies, trail mix, and chocolate chip trail mix.

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The marketing strategy adopted by Cliff Bars involves using social media to engage with customers. The company has a Facebook and Twitter page which they regularly update to provide customers with the latest updates, discounts, and product launches. The company has adopted an ethical approach when it comes to marketing its products. Their recent campaign- #ProteinPower – uses the concept of protein to promote vegan food items in an environment-friendly way.

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What Flavors of Clif Bars are Vegan? (2021)

The Vegan menu has been adding nice flavors the last few years. The ingredients list is below, from most to least used:

There are four main varieties of Cliff Bars which consist of peanuts and chocolate, peanut butter crunch cookies, trail mix, and chocolate chip trail mix. All of these bar types are plant-based with no animal products or by-products except for honey.

The main ingredients in the vegan variety of Cliff Bar include soy protein, organic rolled oats, evaporated cane juice, organic crisp brown rice, organic date paste, and sea salt. These ingredients have high nutritional content which is beneficial to the human body. The bars are free from animal products and also use organic ingredients. The enriched flour is the only ingredient that may contain gluten and soy, and therefore people who are allergic to these components should avoid consuming these bars.

Original Classic Vegan Clif Bar Flavors:

1Peanut Toffee Buzz
2Nuts & Seeds
3Dark Chocolate Almond
4Chocolate Chunk
5Crunchy Peanut Butter Minis
6Coconut Chocolate Chip
7Chocolate Brownie
8Carrot Cake
9Chocolate Chip
10Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch
11White Chocolate Macadamia Nut
12Blueberry Crisp
13Peanut Butter Banana
14Crunchy Peanut Butter
16Iced Gingerbread
17Caramel Toffee
18Chocolate Brownie Minis
19Chocolate Almond Fudge
20White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Minis
21Chocolate Chip Minis
22Oatmeal Raisin Walnut
23Spiced Pumpkin Pie
24Berry Pomegranate Chia
25Cool Mint Chocolate
26Sierra Trail Mix

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Nut-Butter Filled Vegan Clif Bar Flavors:

1Maple Almond Butter
2Chocolate Peanut Butter
3Caramel Chocolate Peanut Butter
4Coconut Almond Butter
5Chocolate Hazelnut Butter
6Peanut Butter
7Blueberry Almond Butter
8Banana Chocolate Peanut Butter

Fruit-Filled Vegan Clif Bar Flavors:

1Wild Blueberry Acai
2Strawberry Banana
3Tart Cherry Berry

Whole Lotta Vegan Clif Bar Flavors:

1Tart Cherry Almond
2Roasted Peanut Chocolate
3Salted Dark Chocolate
4Spiced Almond Ginger

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Vegan Clif Protein Bar Flavors:

As for the builder’s bars, these are the vegan flavors:

1Cinnamon Nut Swirl
2Vanilla Almond
3Chocolate Peanut Butter
5Chocolate Mint
6Cookies N Cream
7Crunchy Peanut Butter
Cookies N Cream

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Clif Bars can be consumed per day?

That depends on your individual needs and goals. No set amount would be the best for everyone.

Why are Clif Bars vegan?

Clif Bars were never meant to be non-vegan. Cliff was on a long bike ride with some friends and he saw this family of climbers out on a trip and they had these bars. Cliff wanted to turn it into an energy bar for climbers like them. Cliff added peanuts because they tasted good and almonds for the health benefits. Other natural ingredients were added to make it taste better or be healthier.

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Overall, Cliff Bars offer high-quality food items at affordable prices. They have strong ethics and their marketing strategies mainly focus on sports and environmentalism. They make vegan products because it’s another way for them to expand their demographics while many other companies are not doing this. I feel like Cliff Bars Inc. is trying to make the world a better place through these efforts, which makes me believe they are an honest, reliable, easy-to-talk-to brand with a positive image and reputation.

Eventually, Cliff had a kid and named his company after him. In 1991 they introduced their first bar which hit the market as an “all-natural whole food”. After making some tweaks to the original recipe, including adding organic brown rice syrup, organic rolled oats, organic raisins, and organic rice flour; it became even more popular.

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The company markets its product as “The Foundation of Protein.” However, recently they have branched out into the vegan market with their new line of plant-based protein bars called: Clif Bar Naturals.

The target market for Cliff Bars Naturals is vegans, which according to research from Mintel accounts for about 3% of all consumers (Mintel Group Ltd., 2015). This number is expected to grow by 2% by 2020. Vegans, which are defined as “individuals who exclude meat and fish, and sometimes other animal products such as dairy or eggs from their diets” (Vegan Society, 2017), are a rapidly growing demographic that companies are trying to tap into in order to maintain their competitive advantage within the food industry. The vegan movement Clif Bars is targeting this demographic because it is a growing market and companies want to capitalize on this. Cliff Bars Inc.

has recognized the need for vegan protein bars and they have taken advantage of this niche by creating plant-based products which cater specifically to vegans. It was introduced in December 2015, selling about 200 million in the first year. This is a huge success for Cliff Bars Inc. and they have received many positive reviews in terms of taste, branding, and marketing strategies.

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