Vegan Options at IHOP (2023) | 40+ Options

Over the past few years, Veganism has grown to become a massively popular dietary choice for people worldwide. Veganism, the diet of following a Vegan lifestyle, is also gaining momentum. Vegan is now something that not only the Vegan population, but all demographics have to take into consideration.

Veganism has been prevalent in mainstream culture for a few years now and Vegan restaurants have opened up everywhere from Los Angeles, California to London England. Vegan cafes are also becoming more popular as a place where Vegan’s can gather for a hot beverage and share Vegan ideas, recipes, and meals.

Veganism is no longer something that one can ignore or something just Vegan’s will enjoy. Veganism has fully entered the mainstream culture where it has become a friend-to-consumer option for anyone interested in Vegan options.

With Vegan cafes becoming more popular, IHOP (International House of Pancakes), America’s favorite breakfast restaurant, is now offering Vegan options with Vegan pancakes. Perhaps you are considering Veganism yourself or perhaps you’re trying to accommodate Vegan friends during everyone’s next brunch outing.

Either way, IHOP is here to help everyone enjoy themselves. IHOP realized that Veganism is making huge strides in popularity recently and wanted to cash in on the trend (no pun intended).

Everything Vegan at IHOP (2023)

IHOP was founded in 1958 and has been serving up breakfast all day for over 50 years. Veganism is making strides in recent years, so Vegan-friendly food options are now available at IHOP restaurants nationwide.

Everything vegan at IHOP

IHOP acknowledges this in its new Vegan dining policy which will include Vegan staff training, plant-based recipes for food items already on the menu, and Vegan-friendly dinnerware. IHOP is committed to Veganism and its Vegan dining policy ensures that Vegan customers will feel welcome at any time they choose to visit an IHOP restaurant. Training for all staff members to answer questions from Vegan guests.

Vegan menu items will include a Vegan pancake stack and Vegan French toast, Vegan burgers with vegan mayo, Vegan salads for the health-conscious Vegan, Vegan veggie omelet available upon request, Vegan burritos of all kinds, Vegan desserts such as vegan cakes and pies of course! Alternative dinnerware to replace non-vegan dishes to accommodate Vegan diners. the best thing is that Vegan customers will be able to feel at home enjoying Vegan food options, Vegan pancakes included.

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Vegan Sides at IHOP:

Vegan sides at IHOP include Vegan pancakes, Vegan French toast, Vegan burgers with vegan mayo, Vegan salads for the health-conscious Vegan, Vegan omelets available upon request, Vegan burritos of all kinds, and Vegan desserts such as vegan cakes and pies. Other options include:

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1Steamed Vegetables/Broccoli (No butter)
2English Muffin (No Butter, get Jam instead!)
3Sautéed Veggies
4Sourdough Toast (make it avocado toast with a side of avocado slices!)
5Grits and/or Oatmeal
6Hashbrowns (Order without butter or PAM spray)
7Plain Baked Potato
8Mixed Fruit Cup
9Red Potato Pepper & Onion Hash
10French Fries

Vegan Soup & Salad Options at IHOP:

Salad and soup at IHOP are some of Vegan’s best options. Vegan Soup and salad options are:

1Fat-Free Raspberry Vinaigrette
2Minestrone Soup (No Crackers, usually they’re not vegan)
3Catalina Dressing
4French Dressing
5Creamy Italian Salad Dressing
6Orange Vinaigrette
7House Salad
8Raspberry Vinaigrette

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Vegan Syrups & Other Useful Things at IHOP:

Vegan Syrups at IHOP includes:

1 Sugar-Free (Maple-flavored) Syrup
2Blueberry Syrup
3Various Jelly/Jam Flavors (all should be vegan)
4Strawberry Syrup
5Old Fashioned Maple Syrup
6Boysenberry Syrup

Vegan Root Beer and Vegan Cream Soda Syrups are also available at IHOP because obviously, you can’t have a Vegan diet without Vegan cake syrup! Vegan Brown Sugar is also available for Vegan pancakes if you need that extra sweet kick.

Best Vegan Meal Choices at IHOP:

The meal choices at IHOP Vegan-Friendly restaurants will vary by location and Vegan guests should always ask their server or a manager to be sure that Vegan items. Vegan choices will include:

1Minestrone Soup & English Muffin for Dipping/Cracker-replacement
2Hashbrowns with Sauteed Vegetables or Red Potato Pepper & Onion Hash + Salad
3Oatmeal with selected Syrup w/ English Muffin & Jelly/Jam
4“Big House Salad” with selected dressing and a Baked Potato or Fries if feeling Dirty

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Frequently asked questions about

What is IHOP’s Vegan menu?

Vegan menu options will be limited to Vegan pancakes, Vegan French toast, Vegan burgers (with Vegan mayo), Vegan salads for the health-conscious Vegan, Vegan veggie omelet available upon request, Vegan burritos of all kinds, Vegan desserts such as vegan cakes and pies of course!

What are Vegan alternatives for butter, milk, eggs, & cheese?

None of these ingredients are used in the Vegan dishes at IHOP restaurants. Vegan pancakes can be made with water instead of milk and IHOP Vegan French toast is served without any butter or dairy. Vegan burgers served with Vegan mayo & Vegan salads served with vegan dressing are Vegan-friendly options at IHOP restaurants. Vegan desserts of course will not contain any dairy either.


IHOP is a nationwide establishment which means that Veganism is important to us as a company. Vegan food options were not widely available in the past, but Veganism is on the rise and Vegan culture has a voice.

Veganism deserves a place at IHOP and their Vegan dining policy ensures that Vegans will feel welcome to join us for wholesome food items easily made Vegan. IHOP plans to continue to serve Vegan options at IHOP restaurants as Veganism continues to rise as a lifestyle choice. They hope to expand Vegan menu options to Vegan burgers, Vegan French toast, Vegan salads & Vegan soup.

Vegan desserts will be expanded as well. Any IHOP restaurant in the nation will serve Vegans with open arms. Veganism should not be limited to IHOP restaurants. Vegan culture is on the rise vegan menus will continue to expand as Veganism becomes more popular & this Vegan lifestyle choice becomes more mainstream.

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