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Vegan people who drink soft drinks tend to stay away from anything involving animal products, including milk. Some of the most popular vegan alternatives to milk are soy and almond milk, which is produced by crushing almonds with water. This milk is popular with people who have lactose intolerance – a sugar found in milk – and those who avoid animal products. However, they tend to be more expensive than ordinary milk. Most people prefer these products because they are healthier than dairy alternatives, with less added sugar and fat.

Another option is ice drinks made from orgeat syrup. Orgeat is a French sweetener made from almonds, sugar, and rosewater or orange blossom water. People who can’t drink milk often use it instead of dairy products to make ice cream, cakes, and cookies.

A new soft drink on the market is Sparling Ice Drinks, which uses a blend of coconut water supplemented with Vitamins B12 and D instead of milk. The drink is currently available in three flavors, which are Original (Grapefruit), Blackcurrant, and Lime & Lemongrass.

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Are Sparling Ice Drinks Vegan?

It was founded by Sriraman Kailash, who ran a healthy living company called The Health Factory. Inspired by the success of coconut water in recent years, he came up with the idea for Sparling Ice Drinks.

Sriram claims that his drinks are free from lactose and animal products, making them suitable for vegans. On top of that, the coconut water used in Sparling Ice Drinks is completely natural, with no additives or preservatives.

Sriram claims that Sparling Ice Drinks offer three major health benefits. The first is that they are gluten-free and low in fat. These drinks use 100% organic coconut water, which is naturally gluten-free and low in fat. The second benefit is that they contain no added sugar.

Sriram claims that Sparling Ice Drinks are high in potassium, compared to other coconut waters on the market. According to him, this makes them better than sports drinks such as Gatorade and Powerade, which don’t have potassium. This is especially helpful for athletes and people who do a lot of exercises to rehydrate, or for those who suffer from diabetes.

The third benefit is that coconut water contains 92% water, which makes it hydrating to the body. This is useful in hot weather when you’re outside exercising and sweating a lot. It is also suitable for people who are fasting, as it has electrolytes and minerals that can provide energy without sugar or carbohydrates.

Sriram claims that the three main ingredients in Sparling Ice Drinks make them healthy, tasty, and full of goodness. Coconut water has the highest concentration of electrolytes than any other drink on the market. Other drinks such as coconut milk and flesh have fewer electrolytes. In addition, Sparling Ice Drinks use 100% organic ingredients with no additives or preservatives, which makes them healthy for the body.

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“I created Sparling Ice Drinks because I wanted something that was not only yummy but also healthy,” says Sriram Kailash of The Health Factory. “Coconut water is a natural thirst quencher and contains electrolytes, which makes it the perfect drink for me to keep hydrated when exercising or working out in the heat.”

Sparkling Ice Drinks are currently available online from, but they will be on sale in stores in California from the end of February. They cost from $39 to $49 for a pack of 12 bottles, depending on how many you buy at once. Each bottle contains 8.4 ounces (250 ml) of coconut water with extracts from real fruit and organic stevia as a sweetener, making them vegan-friendly.

Sriram claims that the products are GMO-free, kosher certified, gluten-free, fat-free, dairy-free, nut-free, soy-free, wheat-free, low in saturated fat and cholesterol-free, and full of potassium.

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What’s a Good Vegan Alternative?

While the benefits of coconut water are well known, there is growing scientific evidence that milk is even better for people’s health. A new study found that drinking milk could be more beneficial than sports drinks like Gatorade and Powerade. But for vegan people and others who do not want to drink milk, the best alternative is coconut water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sparling Ice Drinks Gluten-Free?

Yes. The coconut water used in Sparling Ice Drinks is gluten-free.

What Makes Sparling Ice Drinks Low-Fat?

It is low in fat because the only ingredient is 100% organic coconut water. Coconut water itself has less fat than most drinks, such as coconut milk or flesh.

Are Sparling Ice Drinks 100% Natural?

Yes. The ingredients in Sparling Ice Drinks are natural and 100% organic, with no additives or preservatives added.

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Sparling ice drinks make an ideal alternative to the standard soft drinks on offer in most cafes, with vegan people included in mind. This company makes their drinks using organic fruit which gives them a more natural taste. Sparling ice drinks contain all the good stuff that coconut water brings to the table, but with added fruit juice for taste.

Sparkling Ice Drinks is the first coconut water ice cube on the market. Sriram Kailash of The Health Factory claims that they taste great and keep him hydrated during workouts. Coconut water is becoming increasingly popular, with many people choosing it as an alternative to sports drinks such as Gatorade and Powerade.

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