Vegan Options at Greggs Bakery (2023) | 25+ Options

If you’re a fan of vegan-friendly baked goods, Gregg’s Bakery is the place for you! With an extensive menu of delicious vegan treats, there’s something for everyone. From classic favourites like cookies and brownies, to more unique options like doughnuts and cupcakes, Gregg’s has got you covered. So why not visit today and see for yourself? You won’t be disappointed!

About Greggs Bakery

Greggs bakery is a British chain that offers a wide variety of pastries, sandwiches, and other baked goods. The company recently announced that it will be adding vegan items to its menu, including a black bean patty sandwich and a vegan sausage roll.

The meatless sausage roll is made with a pea protein filling, which looks like minced pork. It is served in an onion and herb-flavored puff pastry that mirrors the flavors of its original animal-based counterpart. The black bean patty sandwich features a Mexican seasoned vegetable patty on a sesame bun with lettuce and vegan mayonnaise. Vegan cheese will be offered as an option for both items.

Greggs bakery has over 1750 locations across the United Kingdom, but these new menu options are currently only available at 900 of them. Greggs plans to introduce vegan products to all stores by 2020. Several other chains have recently added plant-based options, including Subway and KFC who each launched products containing Beyond Meat products.

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Vegan Food-Items at Gregg’s:

The following are the vegan food-items at Gregg’s.

Sausage Rolls: Vegan Sausage Roll, Vegan Sausage and Bean Melt Wrap, Vegan Bacon & Cheese Melt Wrap.

Pasties: Vegetarian Cornish Pasty with Creamy Peppercorn Sauce (Vegan option), Vegetarian Mexican Spiced Potato Topped Pie (Vegan option).

Sandwiches: Baguette – Meat Free Chicken & Stuffing Salad Sandwich, Baguette – Meat Free Roast Beef Salad Sandwich, Croissant – Ham & Cheese Croissant (Vegans can choose a vegetarian version of this sandwich instead),

Panini – Meat Free BBQ Pulled Pork Panini Hot Dog Roll – Mushroom Katsu Curry Dog (Vegan option).

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Vegan Snacks & Desserts at Gregg’s.

  • (Vegan) Glazed Ring Doughnut
  • Sweet Mince Pies
  • Southern Fried Potato Wedges
  • Thai Sweet Chilli Hand Cooked Crisps
  • Salt & Vinegar Crunchy Sticks
  • Sea Salt and Cider Vinegar Hand Cooked Crisps
  • Chilli Tortilla Chips

The potato wedges, for me, are the most delicious “snack,” though not to be mistaken, Gregg’s Chips are excellent as well, and their vegan doughnut isn’t bad at all — although it doesn’t compare to vegan donut.

If you’re looking for something more like a “dessert,” Gregg’s has two vegan options: the sweet mince pies and their glazed ring doughnut. The former is quite tasty, and I personally prefer it over any mince pie from Marks & Spencer; however, its texture is less than desirable (it isn’t as flaky as one would hope). The latter is a bit dry, but it’s sweet and has a good glaze. So overall, not bad for vegan dessert options at Gregg’s!

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Vegan-Friendly Drinks at Gregg’s:

Gregg’s has been offering vegan-friendly drinks for some time. In fact, the chain already offers a wide range of hot and cold beverages that are suitable for vegans. These include:

Still Lemon & Lime Flavored Water (Sugar-Free) Still Strawberry Water (Sugar-Free) Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade (Sugar-Free) Sparkling Cloudy Lemonade (Sugar-Free) Cherryade Sparkling Mango & Pineapple (Sugar-Free) Orange Juice Apple Juice Americano Green Tea Peppermint Tea Different Branded Sodas Any Milk-based Coffee/Tea if swapped for Soymilk.

Gregg’s is one of the few chain coffee/cafe chains that sells coffee without requiring customers to pay extra for non-dairy options. They

also have a wide variety of vegan pastries and cakes.

So, whether you’re in the mood for a hot or cold drink, Gregg’s has you covered! In the meantime, why not check out their current vegan-friendly offerings? You won’t be disappointed!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What Items Are Vegan at Greggs?

The menu at Greggs includes a wide variety of vegan items like vegan sausage rolls, pasties, and sandwiches.

Can Vegans Eat at Greggs?

Yes, you can! The new menu will include a variety of vegan items like sausage rolls and sandwiches. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to enjoy your favorite food from this chain anymore. We’ve got all the details on what’s available here so keep reading below!

Are There Any Vegetarian Options at Greggs?

There are plenty of vegetarian options available too – just look for the green ‘V’ symbol on products next door or ask staff about our range in store if it’s not marked up clearly enough for you yet (we’re working hard behind-the-scenes though!). Just make sure that whatever choice is suitable before ordering because as we’re learning more each day some of these products still contain traces of animal by-products like milk/butter, eggs or even honey (as well as wheat gluten).

What is the Greggs Vegan Sausage Roll?

Gregg’s has launched a new vegan-friendly version of their famous sausage rolls. The pastry contains no animal products and is filled with Quorn mince, onion, sage seasoning and spices for a tasty treat that will satisfy any hungry plant eater and they are a great alternative to the original ones. The texture is also perfect – soft on the inside but crunchy outside with flaky layers of pastry that melt in your mouth.

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As a vegan, you’ll be excited to know that starting in 2023, Greggs will be offering a completely vegan menu! This new menu will include items like vegan sausage rolls, pasties, and sandwiches. So whether you’re looking for something savory or sweet, Gregg’s has you covered! In the meantime, check out their current vegan-friendly offerings. You won’t be disappointed!

That’s all for now, but stay tuned because we may do another post about vegan food items that are available at other popular UK chains. In the meantime, if you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to comment down below. We would love to hear from our readers! Thank you.

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