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Vegan people are very increasing in number in recent times. The animal’s right to live is gradually acknowledged not only by people who suffer from vegan propaganda but also by the general public. It is very popular that people choose to abstain from eating meat and dairy products. In the USA, the first vegan fast-food restaurant Waffle House will be opened in 2021. But what can vegans eat at all? Only vegetables, fruits, and seeds are permitted to vegetarians.

This is surprising that also the famous American waffles are now available without eggs or dairy products thanks to new technology. The vegan menu includes for example thai salad, vegetable burgers, and vegan waffles. It is estimated that approximately 3.5% of Americans are vegetarians, 2.3% are vegans and the vegan market should increase over the next few years.

But food chains like Waffle House now occupy a small market share of vegan waffles, burritos, and falafel. The first Waffle House restaurant will be opened in Washington DC in 2021.

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About Waffle House

Waffle House was founded in 1955. It is an American fast-food restaurant chain that serves omelets, chicken sandwiches, and waffles among others. The total of restaurants is 1,900 located in 25 states.

Everything Vegan at WAFFLE HOUSE

The history of Waffle House starts with a man selling eggs through car windows. His name was Joe Rogers. He opened the first restaurant in Avondale Estates, GA. Later he partnered with Tom Forkner and together they founded “Waffle House”. In 2008, Waffle House started to experience financial difficulties but have been saved by their lenders again and again. The company’s headquarters are in Norcross, Georgia.

The restaurant chose a vegan menu due to young people rejecting the meat and dairy products more and more frequently. The reason is the spread of propaganda by animal rights activists who want animals to be treated humanely. In addition, many vegans suffer from food poisoning from eggs or cheese which could not be the case with vegan dishes.

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Everything Vegan at Waffle House (2023)

In 2021, “Waffle House” is going to open its first vegan fast-food restaurant in Miami. From now on, the only animals whose products will be used in “Waffle House” will be free of animal exploitation and some ingredients like eggs and dairy will not be used at all. Animal rights activists said that their next step will be to reach an agreement with “Waffle House” that they can’t use animal corpses anymore. This step is already followed by the first vegan restaurant in 2021 and it will hopefully increase demand for vegan food and lead to a decrease in animal exploitation.

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Vegan Breakfast Choices at Waffle-House:

The breakfast menu at Waffle House will include vegan waffles, white flour pancakes, and oatmeal. Here’s a rundown:

The five styles of Hash-browns you can get are:

1Diced (with diced tomatoes)
2Peppered (with jalapeno slices)
3Smothered (with chopped onions)
5Capped (with mushrooms)

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The other vegan’s options are:

1Maple Syrup
2Garden Salad (ask for no cheese)
4Toast with jelly (ask for no butter on the toast)

That’s all the options they have.

In waffle-houses with alcohol, you have to be at least 18 years old to enter! You can enjoy your meal especially when it’s cold outside because Waffle House is very famous for its quick service and hot coffee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

So How Does Waffle House Look For A Vegan?

Waffle House would love to provide a vegan meal for their customer. Veganism is an expanding market and they want to stay competitive in that field. They assure all of you, that we’re doing our best and working hard to open a vegan restaurant soon!

Do They Have Any Vegan Meal Now?

Not yet: the only thing they have now is the garden salad and they only provide it with Italian dressing.

Which Of The Hash Browns Are Vegan?

All of them! Even the ones that are smothered, topped, or capped. Be very cautious about what you’re putting on your hashbrowns before you order.

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Today, Waffle House is one of the most beloved fast-food restaurants in all of America. Since it’s opening decades ago, people have considered it an American staple due to its delicious food and unique restaurant environment.

The future of Waffle House looks bright! Waffle House has made it easy for people to make different choices with their food, but we would like them to provide more healthy foods on the menu. They aim to be a family-friendly restaurant and we admire them for that.

Waffle House’s Mission Statement: Waffle House wants to be a place where everyone can come and get breakfast, lunch, or dinner with friends and family without judgment. They want to serve delicious food at the lowest possible price with the best service possible. For future reference, their tagline is “The South’s Most Scenic Restaurant.”

Their Marketing strategies include: Promoting on social media, Gaining more and more customers, Offering gift cards for their frequent buyers.

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