Vegan Options at Taco Bell (2023) | 12+ Options

Veganism is not a new trend. For years, people have been asking for healthier and more sustainable options at chains and restaurants across the country, but it seems like companies are finally starting to listen. Many vegan cafes and restaurants have been popping up across the country, and it looks like Taco Bell might be getting in on the action.

An anonymous source at Taco Bell headquarters has stated that there will be a nationwide rollout of new vegan options which will begin in 2023. Get ready for vegan tacos, burritos, quesadillas, nachos, chips with salsa, and more!

A source who wished to remain anonymous close to Taco Bell headquarters stated that “What makes these vegan items so popular is that they have the same rich flavors as all of our meaty and cheesy foods, but without any guilt. All vegan items will be a part of a brand new ‘M cruelty-free section on Taco Bell’s menu.”

Taco Bell is updating its menu with vegan-friendly ingredients in an attempt to meet the demands of everyone who has ever thought about going meatless or dairy-free in an attempt to be healthier.

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About Taco Bell

Taco Bell’s goal is to provide a satisfying, customizable Mexican-style food experience. To do that, the company has been working on a new system – Taco Bell 2020 – which allows ingredients from around the world to be prepped at reasonable prices by those who know how best to prepare them.

It was founded in 1952 by Glen Bell, who sold the first taco for US$0.19 each at a store in California. Since then, Taco Bell has spread to become one of the most well-known Mexican-style fast-food restaurants across the world. Whether it’s Baja Blast Freeze drinks or Cheesy Gordita Crunches, there is something for everyone at Taco Bell.

Everything Vegan at TACO BELL

Taco Bell 2020 has already started rolling out to many locations in the US, and it’s expected to be completed by 2023 when newly-discovered ingredients are brought into play. It promises to provide fresher food with no compromises on taste.

Taco Bell has recently started rolling out vegan options to its menu. These options include the Black Bean Crunchwrap, Nacho Fries, and 7-Layer Burrito in some locations. New vegan ingredients are expected to be rolled across the US by 2025. Vegan food is said to taste like non-vegan food, but there may be a weird aftertaste for some people.

Taco Bell’s menu has evolved ever since it was founded in 1952 by Glen Bell. As tastes change, so does Taco Bell – and that’s what keeps people coming back.

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One of the first vegan items on the new menu will be a Mexican pizza. The chain has been testing out this new item for over a month now, and it seems to have been very successful. A second similar item that is expected to be available by 2023 is a nachos bell grande. A source close to Taco Bell headquarters stated that “It’s a very rich and creamy chip, with melted vegan cheese on top of crunchy chips. The nacho cheese sauce is made from cashews so it has a slightly sweet taste-it’s guilt-free!”

Another item that was announced was the chalupa. This new item is made with a fried coconut tortilla that contains spicy, tender chunks of vegan meat. Toppings include lettuce, tomato, avocado slices, jalapeño peppers, and an incredibly delicious cashew cream sauce. According to Taco Bell headquarters this product “has been selling like hotcakes!”

The last common menu item which will be available at least by 2023 is a Mexican chocolate brownie. It’s made with cocoa powder, cinnamon, and other traditional Mexican flavors. Other options include:

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Vegan Options at Taco Bell (2023)

VeggL Quick Order

1Nachos Bellgrande includes nachos, tomatoes & pinto beans. Order “Fresco Style” and with NO beef. Substitute with black beans or more pinto beans… Optional: add onion & red sauce for no cost. Add additional beans, jalapeno peppers, lettuce, potatoes, and/or seasoned rice for an additional cost.
2Black Bean Chalupa includes tomato & lettuce. Order with NO cheese or sour cream. 
3Pintos N Cheese includes pinto beans & red sauce. Order with NO cheese. Add guacamole(optional)
4Chips and… Guacamole, Salsa or Pico De Gallo
5Cinnamon Twists = sweet treat yum!
6Spicy Potato Soft Taco includes lettuce. Order “Fresco Style.” This automatically takes off the cheese and chipotle sauce and adds pico de gallo. 
7Power Menu Veggie Bowl includes black beans, seasoned rice, guacamole, lettuce & pico de gallo. Order with NO cheese, sour cream, or avocado ranch dressing. Ordering “Fresco Style” will automatically remove the dairy and add additional pico de gallo. 
8Crunchy or Soft Taco includes lettuce. Order with NO cheese or beef. Substitute with black and/or pinto beans.
9Black Beans is a bowl of black beans
10Crunchy or Soft Taco Supreme includes lettuce & tomatoes. Order with NO cheese, sour cream, or beef. Substitute with black and/or pinto beans.
11Burrito Supreme includes pinto beans, tomatoes, onion, red sauce & lettuce. Order with NO beef or sour cream
12Seasoned Rice is a bowl of seasoned rice
13Bean Burrito includes pinto beans, red sauce & onions.  Order with NO cheese. Ordering “Fresco Style” will remove the cheese and add pico de gallo. 
14Black Bean Crunchwrap Supreme includes black beans, tomatoes & lettuce. Order with NO sour cream or nacho cheese sauce. Ordering “Fresco Style” will automatically remove the dairy and add pico de gallo.
15Cheesy Bean & Rice Burrito includes pinto beans & seasoned rice. Order with NO cheese sauce or creamy jalapeno sauce. Ordering “Fresco Style” will automatically remove the dairy and add pico de gallo. 
16Hash Brown
17Black Beans & Rice is a bowl of black beans and seasoned rice
18Bean Burritos “Fresco Style” is both of our favorites at Taco Bell. The Fire Sauce, however, is all Ryan!

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1Mild Sauce Packet
2Green Tomatillo Sauce
3Diablo Sauce Packet
4Green Chili Sauce
5Hot Sauce Packet
6Salsa Del Sol
7Red Sauce
8Mexican Pizza Sauce

Frequently Asked Question –

What is your favorite thing on this vegan Taco Bell menu?

The easiest and most filling vegan item at Taco Bell may be the Bean Burrito Fresco Style! Ryan’s go-to is a Bean & Cheese Burrito Fresco Style with Fire Sauce, no cheese, and add pico de gallo.

What is your least favorite thing on this vegan Taco Bell menu?

The only thing we don’t like about the Vegan Taco Bell Menu is that it can be so difficult to find a good vegan item! Ryan’s least favorite may be the Bean Burrito Fresco Style with no cheese and no beef or the Bean Burrito Fresco Style with no cheese, beef, and creamy jalapeno sauce!

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The future of Taco Bell is looking very bright! After the vegan menu was tested in three different locations, it has quickly become clear that veganism is the future! Being vegan at Taco Bell may be difficult, but if you’re up for the challenge, it can be done! We hope to see these vegan options in all Taco Bell locations soon! Until next time, keep living the veg life, loving the animals, and go Vegan with our help! Taco Bell is evolving into a place that’s allergen-friendly. All new menu items and ingredients will be clearly labeled. The vegan menu items are clearly labeled. This will be a huge step forward in the world of fast food!

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