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Vegan Options at Little Caesars (2023) | 30+ Options

Vegan Options at Little Caesars

In this 21st Century, veganism is developing rapidly. A Vegetarian diet not only improves our health but also saves the planet. People are cutting out meat one by one, not only out of concern about climate change or animal rights – although these certainly play a role – but to improve their health.  This is done with the best scientific evidence in mind, and yet there are still skeptics who don’t understand Big Industry’s motives to promote meat consumption.

More and more research is showing that meat and processed meat are bad for us.  Here is a quick overview of some of them:

“A new study from the World Health Organization (WHO) and Imperial College London suggests that people who cut back on red and processed meat like bacon and sausage could add more than a decade to their lives.”

A recent PEW research poll showed that 6% of all U.S. adults are Vegans or Vegetarian.  That is over 16 million people!  (Another statistic says that 3% of the US population is vegetarian, which would still be more than 6 million people).

Many cafes and restaurants are therefore offering vegan options. Little Caesars offers several vegan pizza options for its vegan customers.

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About Little Caesars

It was founded by Mike and Marian Llitch in 1959 and it has locations on six continents. Little Caesars is the third-largest pizza chain (in terms of the number of locations) in the U.S. Pizza Hut and Domino’s Pizza.

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Everything Vegan at little caesars

Their marketing strategy  In the U.S.,  Little Caesars markets itself as a value-priced pizza alternative with menu items for $5 or less, including their signature “Hot-N-Ready” deep dish pepperoni and cheese pizzas. In December 2012, Little Caesars became the first officially designated “Gluten-Free” supplier by the Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG).

They introduced vegan pizza options in 2016. Little Caesars is the only large Pizza Chain that offers Vegan Options to all its customers.

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Everything Vegan at Little Caesars (2023)

Little Caesars offers many vegan options to its customers. Their previous cheese was not vegan, but now they offer a vegan cheese option. They also offer Little Caesar’s take-home pizza with light sauce and no Parmesan cheese on top. It is possible to order any of their three crusts vegan.

The Italian bread crust is made without dairy, egg, yeast, soy, or gluten. The Classic Hand Tossed has milk ingredients but can be ordered vegan with light sauce and no Parmesan cheese on top. You can also order any of their three crusts to be cooked in the oven with no butter or oil on top.

Little Caesars offers a vegan cheese option to all of its customers. This is done by replacing their previous dairy cheese with Violife’s cheddar-flavored vegan cheese.

The red sauce in the pizza chain is prepared in batches rather than made to order. Little Caesars does not add any flavorings or nuts to its sauce, so it is guaranteed vegan. The light sauce and no Parmesan cheese on top options are also all vegans. Each location has a jar of roasted red pepper that can be added to the pizza for free if you want a richer taste.

Vegan Pizza Options at Little Caesars:

  • Choose Your Crust – Original Crust, or Thin & Crispy Crust.
  • Choose Your Sauce – Original Pizza Sauce (CrazySauce)
  • Choose Your Toppings – Green Bell Pepper, Onions, Mushrooms, Jalapenos, Black Olives, Yellow Peppers, or Pineapple, vegan pepperoni, or beyond meat in some locations in the USA/Canada
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Vegan Sides at Little Caesars:

  • Crazy bread (Breadsticks) without Parmesan Powder
  • Crazy Sauce (Pizza Sauce) Cup
  • Red Pepper Flakes

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Vegan Salad Options at Little Caesars:

  • Garden Salad (No Cheese, no Croutons)
  • **Some locations may offer nonvegan salad dressings.  (But all locations list which is vegan on their site).

Vegan Desserts at Little Caesars:

  • Apple or Cherry Dessert Pizza
  • Fruit by the Foot
  • Watermelon Fruit Roll-up
  • Gogurt (Yogurt without Dairy)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Little Caesars a Vegan Chain?

No – The company offers vegan options at specific locations around the U.S., Canada and Iceland.  However – their new vegan cheese option that they offer to all customers is manufactured by the vegan cheese company Violife, who are based in Greece.

Is Little Caesars Organic?

No – Little Caesars does not have organic options.  Their dough, sauce and Crazy bread are vegetarian, however their pepperoni pizza contains animal rennet-based ingredients.  All dairy based ingredients are free of rBGH hormone which is banned in some countries.  Their cheese is also not organic, though it does contain no GMO’s.

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In the present day, Little Caesars is a relevant pizza chain that is still growing.  They have a plenty of vegan options for customers and continue to expand their menu with more vegan options.  It will be interesting to see what else they offer in terms of vegan food in the future.

Their marketing strategy is to be a low cost option in the pizza market. Little Caesars is expanding soon in Canada and will have more vegan options available.  It’s also important to note that their customer service has widely been regarded as excellent.  Their website even states that they’re happy to provide suggestions for custom orders if you’re looking for your vegan options to be modified.  So Little Caesars is a great option if you’re on a budget and want a decent pizza that’ll be quick and easy to order.

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The vegan options at Little Caesars are part of the company’s effort to provide customers with affordable food that is also healthy, while still being fast and convenient. The company even offers special deals, coupons and discounts on their products. For example, two pizzas can be ordered for $5.00 each if the customer uses the app or online ordering system to order their meals.

Anytime is a great time to visit Little Caesars Pizza. They have numerous vegan options to choose from so you can enjoy a plant-based meal in between your other nonvegan meals. All their dough, sauces and dressings are vegan so you can create the perfect vegan meal when you order from Little Caesars.

Their customer service is great because they’ll replace any item that may not be vegan on your pizza for free or will suggest custom modifications if you want to make your vegan meal more affordable.  So, Little Caesars is a great idea for your next pizza order and they even offer deals and discounts online or through their app!

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