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A hamburger is a North American sandwich consisting of a cooked patty made entirely of ground beef, usually placed inside a sliced bread roll. Hamburgers are often served with lettuce, onion, bacon, tomato, cheese, and condiments such as mustard pickles or ketchup. The burger is often served with the lot at fast-food restaurants – also referred to as an American, a flame-grilled, or a red meat sandwich. The bacon cheeseburger is one of the most popular variations, while the teriyaki burger is sold mainly in Japanese -American cuisine. Vegetarian burgers which resemble traditional hamburgers are becoming popular and may be served as a vegan.

About Burger King

The Burger King Corporation was founded in 1953 as Insta-Burger King. It is the second-largest fast-food hamburger restaurant chain with an estimated $2.3 billion revenue in 2008. In the United States, Burger King Holdings is headquartered in a suburb of Miami, Florida. Burger King’s original headquarters were located in a strip mall on US 1 in Miami.

In 1953 founder David Edgerton and a business partner Chester Cadieux, agreed with two Miami-based restaurant owners Keith Kramer and his wife’s uncle, Matthew Burns. At the beginning of the arrangement, Kramer and Edgerton opened a maximum of two new BK restaurants per month.

In 1954 Burger King was taken over by its Miami franchisees, who rebranded it as a traditional fast-food restaurant using streamlined production methods and efficiency ideas from the McDonald brothers’ original store in San Bernardino, California.

At the end of the fiscal year, 2002 sales reached almost $ 3.4 billion and Burger King employed more than 31,000 people worldwide. Since 2005 Burger King has slowly downsized its US network. By 2007 there were 635 locations left in the United States.

Burger King has a large and varied menu, offering salads, fish and chicken sandwiches, french fries, onion rings, fried patty melt, Whoppers (the Burger King specialty) as well as veggie burgers. The company also offers some non-beef items such as spicy popcorn chicken and turkey breasts. In addition to bacon cheeseburgers and regular hamburgers, Burger King’s fast food menu also includes breakfast items such as the BK BIG BREAKFAST and hotcakes and sausage McMuffin clone.

Since 1957 Burger King restaurants have been offering their ” WHOPPER” hamburger. The name of their flagship product was used as the title of their first movie in 1994, in ” THE BURGER KING”.

Burger King’s biggest draw is arguably the French fries. For decades they came in two varieties – regular (known as “chips” in most countries outside North America) and “shoestring fries.” Then in 2002, they changed to the current recipe for their “semi-long” fries.

In addition to their regular menu, Burger King has a promotional tie every month. This includes Whopper coupons and the production of toys or other products related to children’s movies.

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Vegan Options At Burger King (2023)

In November 2017, Burger King announced in a press release that it has teamed up with the American authorities to stop selling burgers and chicken sandwiches in all of its stores across the country for one day. Instead, they sold only veggie burgers. This was part of a worldwide campaign to increase awareness of vegetarianism and vegan diets. Burger King is working with the American branch of animal protection organization PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) to provide vegan options.

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FromBurger King offers a veggie burger called WHOPPER JR. It consists of a whopper without cheese, wrapped in lettuce, tomato, and onion instead of beef patties or slices of cheese. The patty is the same as the original Whopper – flame-grilled, seasoned lentil patties made in Sweden by Anamma.

In addition to this vegan version of their flagship product, Burger King also offers a vegan option for those who prefer fish. BK Veggie is made with a soy patty and is vegan as it does not include any animal products such as cheese or mayonnaise.

On April 4, 2018, Burger King announced that they will offer vegan options in all of their US stores. The vegan veggie burger will be the same Whopper Jr. but without the cheese.

The vegan BK Veggies are vegan because they do not include any animal products such as cheese or mayonnaise.

Burger King hopes that vegan customers will come back to its restaurants after the trial vegan menu has ended.

Burger King Vegan Breakfast Options:

  • French Toast Sticks
  • Hash Browns
  • Oatmeal (specify to be cooked with water, ask for maple syrup for topping)
  • Iced Coffee (Black, specify no cream/milk)
  • Hot Filtered Coffee (Black)
  • Orange Juice

Vegan Lunch/Dinner Options at Burger King:

  • Impossible Burger (Specify no Mayo)
  • French Fries
  • Mott’s Applesauce
  • PB&J Sandwich (From Kids Menu)
  • Side Salad (Specify no cheese or croutons)

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Vegan Dressings & Sauces at Burger King:

  • BBQ Sauce
  • Sweet & Sour Sauce
  • Italian Salad Dressing
  • Potentially others 

Vegan Desserts Available at Burger King:

  • Dutch Apple Pie
  • Coffee
  • Orange Juice
  • Sodas

Frequently Asked Questions

What vegan options are available at Burger King?

Burger King vegan options include: Impossible Whopper Jr. vegan burger (ask for vegan cheese), BK Veggie vegan patty, vegan French toast sticks, vegan hash browns, oatmeal cooked with water (specify to be vegan), hot filtered coffee (black only), orange juice, iced coffee (black only), side salad (specify no cheese or croutons), vegan PB&J sandwich from the kids menu, and Mott’s applesauce.

Is vegan French toast vegan or is it just egg-free?

Vegan French toast sticks are vegan. They do not contain any animal byproducts such as eggs or dairy, making them vegan. However, they are cooked in the same specified areas as non-vegan items and may come into contact with other non-vegan items.

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Burger King offers a vegan burger option called the Impossible Whopper Jr. It is made from 100% vegan ingredients and cooked in a separate area from meat products. In addition, Burger King offers a BK Veggie which has a soy-based patty that is fried in the same specified areas as non-vegan items.

Other options include French toast sticks, hash browns, oatmeal cooked with water (specify to be vegan), hot filtered coffee (black only), orange juice, iced coffee (black only), side salad (specify no cheese or croutons), Vegan PB&J sandwich from the kid’s menu, and Mott’s applesauce.

Vegan dressings & sauces are available for french fries, salad, and dipping. Vegan options are also available for dessert in the form of Dutch Apple Pie and coffee.

Burger King Vegan Breakfast Options: French Toast Sticks, Hash Browns, Oatmeal (specify to be cooked with water, ask for maple syrup for topping), Iced Coffee (Black, specify no cream/milk), Hot Filtered Coffee (Black).

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